Monday, December 31, 2012

The J Crew pricing game

The J Crew pricing game is exhausting... it is the "game" where you, the customer, try to score the best possible deal on clothing. I have both failed and excelled at this game. For instance, I failed a few months ago when I hastily bought the lilac cafe capri wool pants for $79.99 plus discounts on final sale. Had I waited just a month later, I would have easily found my size in multiple stores for substantially less. In addition, I have yet to wear the pants!

With that said, I did make a nice score a few days ago, courtesy of an Internet return. I bought my first J. Crew Hacking Jacket in mint, size 6 (my regular blazer size). The total for my internet purchase was $90, which I thought was a fair price for a great quality item. Problem was, I didn't LOVE the fit of the Hacking jacket, which runs longer than the Schoolboy blazer. AT 5'3, that extra length made a big difference. In retrospect, a 6P probably would have worked perfect, but I didn't want the hassle of the return/reship. The size 6 fit "OK."

However, when I saw the item in store this weekend for less, and they had both a size 4 and a 6 on the sale rack, I had to return the Internet purchase. In the end, I paid $70 for the jacket and the size 4 fits much better. Again, a 6P here would have been ideal, but the 4 gives me a better silhouette and a better price!


  1. I know its hard, but you should always check the stores out first and if you absolutely can't wait, purchase it online and hope for the best. Or take advantage of J.Crew's Very Personal stylist. My VPS orders my items online at the store price for me. Gigi's blog is excellent at staying on top of store prices. I hope this helps.
    P.S. - I'm following your blog now. Hopefully, you like mine enough to follow too.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. I agree, Gigi's blog is excellent for staying on top of prices.

      I will be sure to check out your blog!