Thursday, January 3, 2013

Addicted to Kate Spade

I am loving Kate Spade lately. I was never too excited about the brand before this year. I owned a pair of sunglasses that I purchased from Marshall's a while back, but not much else. Then I fell in love with a gorgeous coral-colored Florence bag this summer which had "Treat Yo' Self" written all over it! (Parks & Rec reference

I suppose it was one day in Bloomingdale's when I first laid eyes on Kate Spade gumdrop earrings that the addiction started. I have the gumdrop earrings in several colors. Then I saw the square earrings, and later the gold stud earrings. Anyway now I am onto bangles, clutch purses and phone cases! It's a problem!

I recently bought the Sprinkles Mallory "Arm Candy" pouch, which recently went on sale. I also bought the hinged bracelet, the red square stud earrings, and "Four Calling Birds" iPhone case.

I'm happy to tell you that items on the website that are marked on sale are eligible for an extra 25 off! Happy shopping!

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