Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day purchases

I had to bite on the J. Crew sale -- 40 off plus free shipping. But before I did, I checked to see if I could get the same deal -- or better -- in store. Although store merchandise was only 30 percent off, they were willing to match the online deal and honor my educator discount. So I was able to grab the much-blogged about "wild side skinny bangle" which is just stunning in person. With discounts, the total with tax was $27.
I was more interested in the Factory sales. As I mentioned in a previous post -- there were other items I wanted but was waiting/hoping for a good sale. Well, I picked a good day -- the Factory was handing out 20-percent off coupons which were good on top of all in-store promotions. I decided I needed the "Heartthrob" iPhone case. It was a tough choice, there were so many other great items with the Heartthrob print, including a scarf, an umbrella, and a cardigan. I didn't need a fourth iPhone case but I really liked it and it only cost $11.

I also was thrilled to see the Factory offer a version of the "Spindrift" sweatshirt from a while back. I grabbed the emerald (St. Patty's Day!) and the neon azalea (much brighter pink IRL) because a girl can never have too much neon azalea in her life! I am envisioning a breezy spring day when I can wear it with shorts and my matching neon azalea Sperry Topsiders!

Did any of you shop this past weekend? Are you eyeing (or do you own) any of these items? Thoughts?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

J. Crew and Factory purchases

I was so happy to receive my J. Crew cardholder reward in the mail recently. It enabled me to do some "guilt-free" shopping. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I am making a real attempt to limit spending in 2013 because I don't really need more clothes. (Of course this is easier said than done, but I've been pretty good so far.)

I held on to the reward card for a week (it took such discipline!) before using it because I was waiting for a 30-off sale items promotion in store (which tends to be a better deal than online, where you often also have to pay $9 shipping.) I was waiting specifically for these to reach an "acceptable" price -- the Liberty toothpick jeans in Emma and Georgina Floral. These were one of the rare items that I would almost be willing to pay full price for -- except that full price was $150! 

I am happy to have purchased them for $60 after discounts (although technically they were "free" with my reward. I almost caved in and ordered them online several times, assuming I would order my "normal" toothpick size.  I am so glad I didn't do that. I spent 20 minutes in the dressing room trying to choose between two sizes -- one that was snugger than I would have liked, and the other that was looser in areas than jeggings should be. After some advice from the SA, I opted to go with the snugger pair with the hope that the material (2% spandex) would stretch over time, or that I would learn to put the frosted icing cookies down!

I also bought the wool-silk ("Cape Cod") map scarf because it was on sale and it was so cute! In store with discounts it came out to be about $24.

I later made my way to the Factory and I was just so excited to see they have a version of the Blythe blouse in Heartthrob print. I knew that was coming home with me after seeing Ruffles and Sequins style it so many ways. I also grabbed the Crewlet's version of the scoopneck "anchors aweigh" blouse, which I loved on Colorful Corporate. I am so happy that the Factory "reissued" these great prints! There was more that I wanted to buy but I ended my shopping with just those two items.

Have you bought anything from J. Crew on sale this week? Have you purchased from the Factory in the last month?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

J. Crew lookalikes from Old Navy

So I've been restricting spending a lot in the new year -- and doing a decent job if I do say so myself.  Still, I had to take advantage of some J. Crew-like items from Old Navy. I was inspired by several of my favorite bloggers who took advantage of these items. The prices were great. My chief complaint is the discrepancy between online and in-store price. It gets exhausting to check where you get the better deal. I wish the stores and the web could just offer the same price. But such is the life of a bargain hunter, I suppose.

The ditsy floral women's patterned shirt looks a lot like the "Margaret Annie" Liberty shirt found here. (Shout out to Beach Chic Style for the tip on this one!)I bought it last week in store for $15 (NOTE: It's cheaper in-store than online) plus an extra 10 percent off for cardholder Tuesdays.

I bought a black gingham shirt for the same price, $15 plus 10 off. I wanted a black gingham perfect shirt for a while now after missing the boat on it last year.

Lastly, the chiffon polka dot blouse looks a lot like the Blythe blouse J. Crew offered a few months back. I got a better deal online than in store: $17.50 plus a promotional discount!

What have YOU bought at Old Navy lately? Have you bought any of these tops? If so, what are your thoughts on the quality?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Target polka dot and Madewell denim

Sorry for the super uncreative title of this post but I feel like I sap my creativity during the work week. So here is what I bought recently.

I ordered the Merona mint polka dot "lawn shirt" online last night after deciding I needed yet another polka dot top. I eyed it in store a few weeks ago but felt I had too much polka dot in my life already. However, after seeing it on Mix Match Fashion I decided I had to have it. It became tricky to find in store so I was happy I was able to order my size online.

I also took advantage last weekend of Madewell's 40-off sale items, which was an instore promotion. I am on the fence about Madewell --- which is a good thing because my J. Crew addiction is already a problem. I don't own many Madewell items -- just some button down shirts and a pair of flats. However,  I always wanted a pair of their denim jeans, which typically cost $100 or so. I was able to buy a pair of the "rail straight" jeans for $40. They are stretch jeans, so I sized WAAAY down from my normal size. Although this "vanity sizing" gave me a smile for all of 5 minutes, I was happy I didn't order online, which I almost had.

On a side note, I am quite please so far with my (lack of) January spending. I am hoping I can stay this disciplined at least until Spring/Summer.