Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gray cord set

I bought two items in gray that I already had in other colors. I bought the gray Banana Republic cord mini, which I had bought in wine red a few weeks back, and also the 1969 GAP skinny boot cords, just to complete my collection.

As I mentioned,I am in love with the GAP 1969 cord collection. At this time, you might be lucky enough to snag a pair from the clearance rack, depending on your size. Unfortunately for me, my size in this item is never on the clearance so I am glad I purchased my pairs of EVERY color while they were available (with coupons, of course! Still, those clearance tag prices make me jealous of whoever can fit those leftover sizes!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

American Eagle

So.... let's just say that I am over 30. Slightly. So there are times I wonder if I am shopping in an "age-appropriate" store. There are those on the web who say it's OK for me to shop in such a store and others who disagree. Ultimately it is my decision, BUT I also want to know if my decision is a good one.

Well, I don't normally shop in Hollister or American Eagle. But I am a sweatpants freak, and for that reason, I couldn't pass up the extra 40-percent off clearance price sale. I snagged these two sweatshirts for about $10 each. I think they are cute and good for around the house/running errands/comfort clothes.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Leggings are not pants~!

I have been guilty of wearing black Vera Wang leggings as pants. I have read several times that it is a big fashion "no-no" but I liked the ease of wearing boots with a long shirt/sweater. I also am not thrilled with how transparent the leggings become after a few (cold) washes, even though I always hang them to dry.

Enter GAP lightweight black skinny boot pants. Even though you would think of a boot cut as pants with a flare, I find that these pants will work with boots. Mostly it is because I am short and need to hem the length. Where I plan to hem the pants is right were the pants start to flare. I also liked that I snagged these with sale discounts for just $20 each.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spicy Cinnamon Champagne

Spicy Cinnamon Champagne is the awesome name of the equally awesome orange waffle-knit thermal that I purchased at J. Crew. It is, naturally, a final sale purchase but I never seem to mind the no-return policy given the great price.

I found that this shirt runs small, at least for my liking, and I purchased it in an XL. Certainly I could fit the smaller sizes but I like my tops roomy and a bit on the long side as to pair with skinny jeans and such.