Monday, November 11, 2013

Shopping the Sales (J. Crew, Factory, LOFT and Bloomingdale's Outlet)

Pardon the hiatus but I've been trying to rein in my shopping these days. Still, a girl has to have fun once in a while so $360 later here are some of my recent purchases.

I wanted these plaid pants from Loft since the moment I saw them in a magazine, but I'm not paying full price for anything at Loft where items hit the sale racks in less than two months. Scored these pants for under $40 (and might have grabbed a better deal if I waited two days later.) As much as I love a good sale, the day-to-day changing of sales at Loft really irks me. At least J. Crew lets a promotion run for an entire week! For anyone contemplating these pants, I say buy them, but maybe size down.

I also bought this frayed tweed pencil skirt in coral from J. Crew Factory during the CARDPERK online promotion. I had a rewards card so the total with shipping came out to $9.99. I think this item will be great for fall, winter, and spring. Sold out, but watch for popbacks (which is how I got mine.)

At J. Crew where I have managed to (thankfully!) spend very little money this season, I grabbed the Plaster Peonies Tee and the Vintage Cotton Floral Tee in Ivory. Both were 30% off the marked down price and could have been stacked with the 25% off $100 (except I didn't spend that much -- and NOT from lack of trying!)

So wait -- that all adds up to .... how did I spend.... must have been.... OH YEAH that's right - I made this impulse purchase! Lo and behold the Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Bag in Gunmetal. Once I saw her sitting by herself in Bloomingdale's outlet there was no turning back. No way do I need another bag but this one is going to be my new everyday go-to neutral dress-it-up or dress-it-down bag. It just fierce with every outfit. And the best part is the price -- the retail is about $400 but at the outlet it was $230 plus tax. Check it out below:

 Do you own any of these items? Are you considering any of these items? I love to read and respond to your comments!