Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday from Anthropologie

So Anthro sent me a 15 percent off plus free shipping deal in the mail for my birthday (which is tomorrow!) so I decided to take advantage. I was hoping to use the discount in store but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything I loved -- perhaps I was just enthused by the heavily-picked over sale section as I refuse to pay Anthro's retail prices. I've commented before about how I love the ambiance of Anthropologie and the customer service, but the clothes for me can be "hit and miss." So for Anthro items, I have to "love it" and feel I am getting a fair price/sale/deal.

I bought the terrain pencil skirt in "pink" and I am excited to receive it. It reminds me of a Monet watercolor / Impressionist painting. I can't be sure if it will fit, but I ordered my regular size based on the reviews. They only carry the item online and it is not available in stores. That said, it is marked down from $140 to just $39.99 (plus my discount) so I think it will be a good deal. I'm excited to receive it!

If you haven't signed up for an Antho card you ought to -- it is absolutely FREE and they send you a 15 percent off card for your birthday as a perk.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Target lady jacket

A brief post here.... I picked up Target's version of the J. Crew "lady jacket." This one by Mossimo is currently selling for $19.99, marked down from $39.99. They have a gray and black print version but I decided I needed a black (non bright color) version. This one is a great quality --- heavy texture tweed on the outside and red lining inside. I took a size Medium (I'm usually a 6 in J Crew blazers)

On a side note, I noticed that the Neiman Marcus Target items have disappeared. I'm surprised there weren't at least a few remnants in my local stores on clearance. My suspicion is that the items will soon end up at my local Goodwill, which has a HUGE stock of Target cast-offs (including the Target designer collaborations such as Jason Wu and Missoni).

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A "real" sale is more than 40 percent off

I'm definitely a sale shopper. I just can't bring myself to pay full price for anything because of the pricing games that the stores want us to play. Given that, I know that most retail stores -- if you wait -- will offer 40 percent off sales at some point in the season. But to be honest, it was going to take more than 40 percent to break me out of my self-imposed shopping moratorium this month. January is when those post-holiday bills come, coupled with a paycheck deduction (thanks fiscal cliff!).

With all this in mind, I had to visit the mall this weekend. LOFT is offering 60-percent off sale items and J. Crew is offering 50-percent off sale items. I had to bite because I know this is only offered once a year.

At LOFT I finally purchased the "jacquard jacket" in gray leopard print. $26 -- score! I wanted this for weeks but kept holding out. I almost held out too long because at 60-percent off, there were very few left. Luckily the second LOFT I visited today had my size, apparently Small Petite.  Small was WAY too big which was surprising and unusual. I also scored the "boiled wool" sequin skirt which I saw on Mix and Match fashion. Cost -- $20! Lastly, although I was on the fence about it, I also bought the "super skinny" leopard velvet pants. For $12, it was an easy decision.

I passed by J. Crew where I was surprised to learn the sale was 50 percent off. Usually, J. Crew offers an extra 25 or 30, so an extra 40 is a great deal. An extra 50 is unbelievable. And they honor additional discounts for students, teachers, and members of the military. With that in mind, it was a no-brainer to purchase the wool plaid scarf I saw on Colorful Corporate and it only cost $15. I also spied a pair of Cafe Capri pants in my size in modern red (aka orange) which I was able to buy for $12! Overall, it was a great day to shop sales!

Friday, January 11, 2013

January shopping

I've made it a point this month to limit my shopping. Holiday bills have piled up and I really don't "need" any more clothes. However, January always "tests" my resilience with the great clearance prices. So today, I "gave in" more than I wanted to but the prices were definitely right.

The Buffalo Plaid coat from Banana Republic has been on sale for a while, and  I wanted it since seeing it on Tweed and Toile. I held out because I really don't "need" a new coat, but today I was able to bring it home for $67. Score!

I wanted the J. Crew Parisienne sweater after seeing it for the first time months ago, but today I was able to buy it after discounts for just $30. Also, I grabbed the red Tippi, which was also on the 40 percent off sale rack.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Give me LIBERTY!

I am definitely watching my shopping this month, post-holiday shopping and larger paycheck tax deductions. However, I couldn't pass up TWO Liberty of London shirts at J. Crew for $30 each (normal retail is $150). Here they are!

The Liberty Wiltshire and the Liberty Leo Scarlet are $49.99 before sale discounts. They fit like typical "perfect" shirts and will be a wonderful addition for my Spring wardrobe! I bought my first Liberty shirt -- the D'anjo -- for $70 after discounts, so to get TWO more for even less than that was amazing!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Addicted to Kate Spade

I am loving Kate Spade lately. I was never too excited about the brand before this year. I owned a pair of sunglasses that I purchased from Marshall's a while back, but not much else. Then I fell in love with a gorgeous coral-colored Florence bag this summer which had "Treat Yo' Self" written all over it! (Parks & Rec reference

I suppose it was one day in Bloomingdale's when I first laid eyes on Kate Spade gumdrop earrings that the addiction started. I have the gumdrop earrings in several colors. Then I saw the square earrings, and later the gold stud earrings. Anyway now I am onto bangles, clutch purses and phone cases! It's a problem!

I recently bought the Sprinkles Mallory "Arm Candy" pouch, which recently went on sale. I also bought the hinged bracelet, the red square stud earrings, and "Four Calling Birds" iPhone case.

I'm happy to tell you that items on the website that are marked on sale are eligible for an extra 25 off! Happy shopping!