Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pre-holiday purchases

Hey all...sorry for the hiatus. I was trying to limit my purchases as one of the biggest shopping holidays is around the corner. And this is precisely my dilemma --- with Memorial Day sales that are often among the best, does one wait and chance that their favorite sizes, styles, and colors are gone from the rack? Or does one scoop up items early and attempt to exchange/price adjust later?

I am betting on the latter with a few items. However, some stores have started offering great deals already. Ann Taylor LOFT has 50 percent off of sale items. Just days ago it was only 30 percent off so this is a great deal.

I was able to grab the skirts above for a TOTAL of $80, plus I snagged a $25 savings card off a future LOFT purchase. I suspect that the store will still offer the same extra 50 off of sale this weekend, but in addition will offer a generous discount off of "regular" priced merchandise. I think I did pretty good.

I also made these purchases at J. Crew. At $49.99, the Leopard Abstract skirt was too good a price to pass on. The Herringbone Schoolboy Blazer is something I always wanted. I might be able to get a better deal than the $100 I paid for it if I am patient and persistent, but I think this neon pink color will not last on a sales rack for long. Since it was the last one left in my size, I didn't want to chance missing out.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The J Crew skirt crazy continues~!

OK seriously, when I add up the number of skirts I have bought this month -- and all from J. Crew -- it really makes me feel guilty. BUT.... all were on sale rack, plus 30% off (and occasionally, albeit inconsistently, a few were an extra 15 percent off with educator discount). It is hard not to buy. I am so on the "crewlade" as they say!

Pictured above: the sovereign paisley skirt, the blue tweed skirt, and the big shot polka dot. A quick note: I am more of a "pencil skirt" girl, but the big shot polka dot turned out to be a huge hit. I had to buy a size bigger than I normally do because after visits to four J. Crews, it was the closest size I could find (and they sold out online, too). I was also concerned about the puffy butt of the A-line skirt. However, after wearing it for the first time, I must say I am  delighted with it.