Sunday, December 23, 2012

Target finds

I've been spending quite a bit of money in Target these past few months. The thing about Target is you never feel like you are spending money, because you are getting such great "deals" .... and then comes that $150+ credit card bill!

That said, my Target bill is usually the one I don't mind paying. Using the Target card saves you 5% instantly when you use it, and that savings does add up.  I always know I was able to stretch my dollar. I tend buy not only cosmetic and health items, but also grocery items, and of course... CLOTHES!

To be honest, that is probably how my bill gets to be over $150. Whenever I go to Target, it is usually for, I don't know, Christmas wrapping paper and lights, or hair dye and shampoo. And then I pass the clothing and think, "Oh, for $15 that is cute." It's a disease, I tell you!

At any rate, here are a few of the cute fashionable items I have picked up at Tar-JAY in recent days.

I love these two plaid pocket skirts from Merona. They run a size small in my opinion so consider the next size up. Also, I wasn't a fan of the button/strap on the waist of the skirt so I carefully seam-ripped it off both items.

I also picked up another Merona blazer in Orange (aka J. Crew modern red). I was lucky enough to find this on clearance for $24. These blazer are knockoffs of the J. Crew schoolboy blazer, which I obviously love. I already own the grey tipped version of the blazer and the blackwatch plaid version. I already had a linen blazer from J. Crew Factory in modern red, but it is my favorite color and the wool-like material on the Merona version made it different and helped me decide to buy it.

Lastly, I was shocked to read on Gigis Gone Shopping that the Neiman Marcus/Target collection was 50 percent off! That was shocking being that the collection just debuted Dec. 1 and the price slash decision was made less than 3 weeks later. I am however not surprised that the items weren't selling -- they were priced WAY too high and some of the items were, frankly, not very cute. I know people have said this over and over, but let me attempt to say it in a clear, concise way that the Target execs can understand: IT'S NOT THAT TARGET CUSTOMERS DON'T APPRECIATE HIGH FASHION, IT'S THAT TARGET CUSTOMERS APPRECIATE DECENT QUALITY FOR A DECENT PRICE. The reason that high fashion designers become popular is that their stylish products have a high quality to them. Tory Burch makes terrific leather shoes that I don't mind paying $195 for. However, I do mind paying $24 for a plastic thermos with an awful print* because her name is on it. If Target is going to sell kitsch, then price the kitsch at cheap prices.

(* Truth be told, I am thinking about getting the lunchbox with the same awful print because now it is half price!)

With all this in mind, I reconsidered the collection with all items priced 50-percent off (which is what they should have been priced at from Day 1). Here is what I bought:

After seeing this on Gigi, I decided to buy the Proenza Schouler graphic sweatshirt.  A small part of me thinks the design is ugly, but in an eclectic way. I think I bought this for the label and the price. I am not a fan of the U-shaped cut (hem in front of sweatshirt is higher than back) but for $14.99, the material is super soft and I think I will wear this around the house or to run errands. I was surprised to take a Small as I usually lean towards size Medium tops.

Surprisingly I feel the same about the Rag & Bone mens' sweater, which is now $34.99. It is kind of ugly but I sort of like that for what it is -- a men's "boyfriend style" wool cardigan. It's black and gray wool, so it will blend in with most outfits and it does appear to be well-made. This is the one item I was interested in when the collection debuted because I don't have an item like this in my closet. I think this will be good to throw on top of a T-shirt and jeans, or even over pajamas.  I was able to buy the last size Small -- most of what was left was size Large and XL.

Have you all found any good items at Target lately? Have you bought from this NM collection, or do you hate it? Please share!


  1. Thanks for the link love :). Yeah, something was off about the collection. I think sort of like fast food. Seems like a good idea and then you feel cheap afterward. lol Still waiting for my sweatshirt to arrive in the mail. It's nice to branch out to something a little different via this print.

    1. The Missoni collection was terrific but this was not my favorite Target collaboration (even though it was the one I was most excited about!) I must say, I am happy with the Men's sweater and for the price I paid, the Proenza sweatshirt. I must have picked good items because those are two items that are largely sold out in my area's stores.

      Happy Holidays and thanks for being here!