Sunday, October 28, 2012

When you need it in another color! J Crew and GAP

So I couldn't help myself this weekend and I made a few purchases...

I bought the Liberty of London shirt in D'Anjo print from the sale rack. Total minus discounts = $60. This is my first Liberty shirt. I personally feel they are WAY overpriced... but so many bloggers rave about them, and for more than 50% off, I felt it was a deal.

Also bought  (I know, I know) my FOURTH bubble necklace in pink. No one needs four of the same necklace, but the price -- $44 after discounts --- was too good to pass on. For what it is worth, I bought it Friday and wore it both Friday AND Saturday.

Lastly, bought the blue military academy blazer from GAP. I had the red version already, and have received several compliments. When I saw the blue on sale in my size, it was a no-brainer. It was $60, minus 40 off sale, plus a $10 rewards. Total price = $26!

On a more serious note, please keep me in your thoughts as Hurricane Sandy heads NJ's way! This will be my last post for at least a few days.

Friday, October 19, 2012


I try whenever possible to give credit where credit is due. That said, nearly all of today's purchases were at least partially inspired by other blogs. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I hope it is. As much as I like the idea of 'original' style, the truth is I am very inspired my other people's styles, especially those who share their fabulous and fantastic sense of style with the world through their blogs.
I started my shopping early today. My first purchase happened at about 6 a.m. this morning when the wonderful J. Crew wildflower bracelet "popped back"  as it has been sold out most of this week. I was able to buy it at the $39.99 price with free shipping. Since the bracelet is no longer available in stores, I am happy with this price. I fell in love with it after seeing it on both applesandpencilskirts and respecttheshoes.

After work I was able to check out the 30 percent off final sale at J. Crew. I was there specifically for this boy shirt in flannel that I had seen on musingsonmtn back in September. I was anxiously waiting for the shirt to go on sale as $78 is a lot of money -- even with promos. But I was able to buy mine for $30 today.

While at J. Crew, I noticed that there were bubble earrings available in the colors that were recently on sale online: the white and the sweet tangerine (looks like modern red). Although the store had them marked for $45, they honored the recent online sale price plus discounts. So my price for the two pairs came to $38! Although I LOVE bubble necklaces, these are my first (two) bubble earrings. I really liked them in green on colorfulcorporate and for the sale price, it was hard to pass up. I am loving how they look, especially with my hair up.

Lastly, I made it to GAP where an extra 30-off sale is going on. I went there specifically to pick up the polka dot blouse (I ended up getting it in pink) for $23 and I was so surprised to see the red plaid skinny jeans already on sale (plus 30 off), which ended up costing $38 (down from $70). Not sure yet if I will keep them but it seems there aren't many pairs left in stores.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

J. Crew: Dots and Zebras (oh my!)

I was definitely holding back on the shopping this weekend, and to ensure my spending stayed in check, I brought my hubby along for the trip to give me the instant guilt-check. I only purchased candles from Bath & Body Works (2/$20 and new Christmas candles with a 20-off coupon - WHAT?!) and a trip to J. Crew.

Upon learning that sweaters were on in-store promo for 25 off, I decided late into the game that I needed the camel polka dot Tippi sweater, mentioned on SEVERAL blogs including:  1moreshoppingblog, Tweedandtoile, andVeronika's Blushing. The promo plus educator discount influenced me, but also the fact that it was apparently sold out EVERYWHERE (online and in stores). I ended up getting it a size larger than normal but it fits fine, just loose, and I am happy with it. Also bought the silk zebra top in the brown color. That one was on final sale and I was so happy to finally get it in my size. I think it will look great with bright colors!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day shopping (BR & J. Crew)

I won't even get into the fact that I need to stop shopping. Rather, please know I have removed all credit cards from the purse in order to let them "cool off." But what I bought today were items all deeply discounted so I am not going to feel too bad about any of them.
I'll start with this belt which has been on my "fall list" (yes, I actually did make a fall list and I have already bought the handful of items on it, with this being the last 'to get' item). It is from Banana Republic and it is the equestrian belt. While I tend to buy belts in a size small, this M/L fits very tight so it works. I am excited to have purchased it for $33 during the "Power Hour 40 pct off from 11 am- 2pm" sale today.
Since the mall I elected to visit is right next to J. Crew... well you can figure out what happened. I bought three items, many inspired by other bloggers. First I bought the rugby stripe in black and white which, after discounts, cost me $13. You can see this on applesandpencilskirts I also bought a neon pink Naomi top which after discounts cost $16. You can see this item on colorfulcorporate.

Lastly, the item I am most excited about was this Abstract Floral scarf in mineral green, which apparently is not available online. I could only find the scarf on one blog: mysuperfluities (which is the blog from where the image I found online came from). However,  I recall seeing this print before on several blogs, including The print is stunning and I think the scarf will be a great 'transition to fall' piece that can also be worn in the spring. The scarf, after discounts, cost $25.

It was decidedly a quick shopping trip due to me needing a shopping break, but also awaiting the delivery of my very first iPhone! So excited.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

More (guilt-ridden) shopping

Oh wow. Yes, I did more shopping this weekend. It would be easy for me to not post and just "act" like I didn't, but the items I bought were so great that I cannot help but share them with the world.
I ended up with TWO of the sandwashed silk tees. I admit that I liked them when I saw them on an associate a few weeks ago, but reading a post on beachchicstyle is really what influenced the purchase. I bought them in blue and pink. The fit is weird, specifically the armpit inseam is rather tight, but the waist/bottom is rather loose. I went with my "perfect shirt" size figuring it is better the blouse is loose on the bottom than tight on top which could lead to a rip. So the two blouses, after discounts, totalled $44.
I also bought the double width belt, which after discounts came out to $14.99! Score! Quick note, the color IRL is much lighter, more of a sand than a saddle color.

Lastly, I had an impulse purchase moment and bought the No. 2 pencil wool skirt in berry. I feel like I already have pink pencil skirts but I don't have any in wool and I feel like I could get a lot of mileage out of this in the winter -- especially with tights and a turtleneck. For $44 I wasn't going to beat myself up over it too much.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FIERCE! The J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Snake Print Skirt

"I'm not going to go shopping this weekend."

That's what I told myself after last weekend's shopping spree. But things happen. Like, learning that J. Crew's sale section is an extra 25 off. Or my husband calling to tell me he will be home much later.

So I went shopping, but made sure to exercise control. I ended up buying ONE thing, the J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Snake Print. It was originally $158 but after discounts I ended up paying just $44 for it.

I loved the skirt the minute it first hit stores, but the price and the print made it seem unrealistic. I'm a teacher. I wear some tasteful/tame leopard/cheetah prints but I am careful to neutralize those outfits as much as possible. But snake print? Well, one of these days I will have to be brave and give it a try -- the skirt was final sale so it isn't going back!

A quick note about sizing: I feel that in the past J. Crew has been super consistent with pencil skirt sizing and I usually don't even have to try a skirt on -- although I ALWAYS do just to be sure. I think that this one fits snug and I figure it is due to the lining. I ended up buying my 'regular' size because that is what was available on the rack, but I probably could have sized up and it would have fit. Also the length of this pencil skirt is longer than other pencils of the past. I think that was a trend this year. Great for taller people, not so much for those who are 'short and sweet' like me! So for me, this skirt means higher heels!

Monday, October 1, 2012

STYLE25 @ J Crew: Take TWO! Bubble necklace disease!

Ugh. That is me expressing some mild buyer's remorse. Not over the items I bought at J. Crew this weekend -- in which I took advantage of the 25 off promo a second time -- but the amount of money I spent this weekend.

What spurred my decision to fork over MORE of my hard earned money (see previous Factory purchases) was seeing a white bubble necklace in a sale case at my retail store. That's right, the elusive white bubble which was allegedly sold out. Yes, this is going to be my third bubble necklace in about a month (see previous posts regarding this ailment). So the bubble was marked down from $150 to $99 plus the $25 off.

However, I needed to add some items to take advantage of the promo. So I did -- DAMN YOU, J CREW!
I got the much-blogged about two-tone belt (14.99 plus the percent off!), a safari cat boy shirt (which I was pleasantly surprised fit me in a much smaller than usual size), and an iPhone case for my first EVER iPhone that I expect to buy next week when my contract ends. Very excited about that by the way. I am still a (sniff, sniff) BlackBerry user so this will be quite an upgrade!