Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trying out Talbots

I don't typically shop at Talbot's. I think some of the items are cute but the regular retail prices are insanely high to me. Good quality, so I suppose you get what you pay for. But when there is a super-sale, it is worth checking out.

Apparently Talbot's is not doing well and has closed several stores in 2012. I was unaware of their financial woes until walking past a Talbot's in a high-end mall in New Jersey where I live. The store was marked down to 50% off of sale price plus an EXTRA 10 percent! Talbot's is currently offering 40-percent off in all stores, but stores that are closing down are liquidating the items at a cheaper price.  I bought this Tweed jacket for just $54 and this Tuileries floral skirt for just $24.

I visited another Talbot's store in a nearby mall -- a store that was NOT going out of business. I was able to take advantage of 40 percent off store-wide (including sale items) and was able to pick up this green suede Equestrian clutch. For $24 I was pretty happy about the purchase. It will go great with the green in the tweed jacket!

Do any of you shop at Talbot's? What are your thoughts?

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