Sunday, December 9, 2012

J. Crew Final Sale Items

I can't resist an extra 30 off sale at J. Crew. I always seem to find something I can wear for the right price. It's funny how much more appealing a shirt, for instance, looks when it is only $20 compared to say $70. I grabbed all the following items at what I considered to be terrific bargains.

I bought a tissue turtleneck tee in Gallery Green, which according to Beach Chic Style is the new color of 2013. Win win for me because I love that deep rich color of green. Also, a quick side note on these turtlenecks -- they are thin enough to be comfortable in a heated room, yet thick enough (at least in dark colors) to not be too transparent. I bought my first turtleneck tee from J. Crew in 2009 and I still have it and wear it. They definitely last, and for less than $12 it was a steal.
In another nod to one of my favorite bloggers, I took the advice of Beach Chic Style and bought the Colorblock Top in Navy. I had liked it a week ago when it was $50 plus additional discounts, but I liked it much more for $20! The material is heavier (great for this time of year) and I like the zipper in the back. I don't own any tops with a zipper in the back. I don't like that my ponytail was caught on it in the dressing room, but I suppose I can try to be careful.

Also I picked up the Postage Stamp Navy Tweed Blazer, as seen on Summer Wind. This is a different style blazer for me as I tend to gravitate toward Schoolboy-like and more traditional style blazers. However, I decided recently that I wanted a few Chanel-esque blazers to jazz up my jeans for weekend wear.  That was why I recently bought the Lady Jacket in Berry Pink.  I think this one is also terrific, especially for about just $40.  Unfortunately, my usual size 6 was not available in any area stores so I settled on the size 4. I allowed the SA to talk me into buying it. It isn't terribly tight but I will have to avoid throwing baseballs while wearing it!
I also picked up the Zebra Enamel Bracelet, which was marked down. I admired a similar version of this bracelet on Bauble Bar, where it is currently sold out. I figured that the Bauble Bar bracelet would be cheaper at about $30, but actually the J. Crew version (with the sale discounts) came out to about $40 and it is quite stunning. Not an everyday bracelet, but I did wear it to dinner last night and couldn't stop "playing" with it!

I picked up another pair of Bubble earrings in lilac. These are currently on the website for $29.99 However, I was able to get them with the extra 30 off by ordering in store over the phone.

Lastly, I picked up the Green Red Plaid Flannel Shirt from Old Navy. I had eyed this shirt in store and when I found it was sold out online and almost sold out in store, I grabbed it. Just $19. I need another plaid flannel shirt like I need a hole in my head, but I technically do not own any red shirts and it screams holiday season.

So that was what I bought this weekend. I was able to shop with my husband, who I am proud to say bought two shirts from the sale section of J. Crew for about a total of $42. He seemed surprised to see the final price. Meanwhile I was happy to see him buy some nice new shirts. Win-win!


  1. Thanks for the blog love, TC! I love checking out your posts in case I've missed something that I have to have :)!!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for being here and really thanks for sharing your great purchases and ideas with the rest of us! You are a great source of inspiration.

  2. Oh my Gosh! Great deals! I keep wishing I had purchased the zebra bracelet, but to be honest, I bought the giraffe this summer and didn't wear it that much (although there are many more summers to come!) so decided to let it go!

    1. Thanks for the comment, WMM. I can totally understand that if you had the giraffe, the zebra would be similar. I can also see how people might collect these animal bracelets -- ADDICTING!