Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Awesome Christmas gifts!

I won't favorite gifts were the ones that weren't a surprise -- they were the ones I specifically asked for. Family members can have varied gift giving personalities in that some wish to give gifts to please the recipient, while others believe in other philosophies. While all all sentiments are appreciated, I personally dislike "surprises" and my husband made me happy letting me in on the gift giving.

The hubby bought me this beautiful baby pink Tippi sweater from J. Crew, which was on sale when I, err  HE bought it, and also this terrific enamel bangle bracelet from Henri Bendel.

Hope you all received some great gifts and enjoyed some down time with the family!


  1. Oh TC - I LOVE that bangle - what a unique and lovely piece!!

  2. Thanks so much! It's very versatile and of course sentimental because my hubby bought it!

    Thanks for being here!