Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In the clutch

So with all the holiday parties and dinners coming up, I realized I didn't have, and could use, a nice clutch purse. Truth be told I do have a very nice (and expensive) black leather designer clutch that I bought a few years back through a consignment company, but it is almost "too nice" for some of the events I plan to attend. I also have a black snakeskin clutch but it is too narrow to hold my basics and really is just for formal events to hold my car keys. Lastly, I bought the safari cat clutch from J. Crew this summer, but that wouldn't work for what I needed.

When thinking about what clutch to buy, I thought a gold color would be nice for the holidays. I liked this "python" bag from Michael Kors (above) but decided the price was too high for an item that wouldn't get much use. (Remember, I already have an expensive clutch, and I rarely use that one!) I did like that it was flat to fit under my arm, and I liked the gold animal texture. I searched the web and found this gold croc clutch on for $17. It should be arriving in the mail any day now.
After buying the gold, I kept thinking back to the polka dot invitation clutch I saw on sale at J. Crew. It was marked down to $70 before sale and discounts, and ended up costing about $44 total. I might have been able to get it cheaper if I waited, but I decided that $44 was a good price. I think I will wear this one year round. I think I will start using it for going out to dinner because I don't really like placing my handbag on restaurant floors. The clutch could go on the table, or the chain strap could fit on my chair.

Lastly, I spotted a lone black Vero clutch at J. Crew Factory. As you know, the Factory has had some great deals lately. So although I don't need ANOTHER black clutch, this one (see below) has gold hardware, is a bit roomier than the aforementioned snakeskin clutch, and best of all, came out to cost just $33.

What are your thoughts on clutch purses? Will you use one during the holidays? What are your thoughts on these items?

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