Sunday, June 30, 2013

J. Crew final sale

I have a love/hate relationship with J. Crew's final sale merchandise. I love ... the prices. I hate ... I cannot make a return when buyer's remorse kicks in (or ill fitting items, or realizing I already HAVE a skirt in that color, etc.)

Nevertheless, this is what I was able to buy this weekend during the 30-off sale.

I love these textured stripe shorts in crisp yellow. They seem to be a hit among some bloggers. Only $26 after discounts. I like that it is a color I don't have and it can be "dressed up."

Also bought the Ikat popover. Didn't think much of it in store for $88, but LOVE it at about $30. I think it will look great with rolled up sleeves and denim shorts. I also bought the Seahorse tee for $17 after discounts. That last one was a "no-brainer" as I love everything with seahorses except that super heavy chambray shirt that J. Crew came out with -- why? and I am excited to wear this with shorts!

What do you all think? Any weekend purchases from J. Crew's sale?

Thursday, June 27, 2013


So I already have this great black and white striped blazer from Shade Clothing Co. that I bought last year for a measly $20. I posted about it here: Shade Co.

I mention it, because it explains my dilemma over buying a similar Maritime blazer from J. Crew during the super sale -stacking 25 off plus 30 off OMG! sale. I ended up getting this one for $26. Here she is.

Did I need her? I had a perfectly good and very similar blazer already! Here is my rationale:

(1) When you love something, some people like to buy a second, a "back up" if you will.
(2) This J. Crew blazer was navy and white, not black and white.
(3) My Shade Co. Blazer is a Medium which runs loose and comfortable, while my Maritime blazer is a small form-fitted (with shorter sleeves I don't need to cuff!). Also, one is great for leaving open (read: "skinny" days) while one is good for buttoning (read, "bloated" days!)
(4)It was $26!

What do you think? What do you own "doubles" of?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Liberty collector

I somehow became a Liberty print collector.

It happened so suddenly; one day, a year ago, I saw a table of funky eclectic Liberty prints. I said to myself, I would like one. Saw price tag: $150. Said No way, Jose.

Few months later, saw same shirts on clearance for way cheaper. Promptly purchased.

And this is how I now have a "collection" of at least eight Liberty prints. I have four shirts, two belts, the "Emma" toothpick jeans

And now.... I have these awesome Matilda toothpick jeans. Hello Fourth of July! With the recent stacked promotions these cost about $40+.

What do you think? Too loud? Just right?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are you a MAXXinista?

So I've always wanted a straw bag for summer with gold accents. I've seen several bags that match my criteria over the years: many from Coach, and a few from Michael Kors.

Despite my love for high end brands, it's sometimes hard for me to justify the price tag when it comes to an item I will only use part of the year.

For instance, many people feel a Louis Vuitton bag is "out of reach" for a budget. Yes, I agree that a purse over $700 is. HOWEVER, when you consider "price per wear" (cost divided by how often you use it), the item seems practical and less extravagant. For me, I've worn my Vuitton bags so many times that the item is now "pennies" per day. It is simply my "go to" bag.

But I digress... can you justify a straw bag for $300 +?

Enter TJ Maxx, which is where I saw this lovely for $199.99:

** Note actual Michael Kors tote I bought is slightly different than item above but I could not find a good image online.

I love this Michael Kors Hamilton tote. We met for the first time a week earlier, but I was concerned $200 wasn't in my budget. The next week, I decided I needed her in my life. When I finally went to get her, she wasn't there! I went on a hunt to three neighboring TJ Maxx stores before I finally found her again. And this time, she was on clearance, marked down to $149.99. Score!

Have you had a TJ Maxx experience like this? Do you like this tote?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Short shorts

So I wanted to ask everyone -- how do you feel about short shorts? How short is too short, and based on what criteria? What are your OWN unwritten rules.

I have heard "rules" regarding one's age and height, as to how short a pair of shorts ought to be. I've always been a rule breaker in that sense, however, I tend to lean towards shorts in the 4-5 inch range. I don't love Bermuda shorts (I'm 5'3 people) and I feel a bit self-conscious about "short" shorts (3 or so inches) because I have rather muscular legs.

So a week ago I decided to buy myself a pair of these garden vine shorts from Madewell. I just loved the print, plus Madewell was having a 40-off new items plus free shipping discount. It was impossible to resist! (J. .... are you listening?)(

I was able to correctly figure out my size, which was the size I wear in J. Crew shorts. I'm just not certain I love the length of the shorts. I saw that I liked them better with platform espadrilles to elongate my legs, but I did find myself tugging at the hem most of the day after sitting for more than 5 minutes.

What are your thoughts on these and other "short" shorts?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

25 facts about me -- a break from the norm

I was inspired by a blogger I discovered today to post one of these. I always enjoy reading these so hopefully you guys will enjoy my random thoughts.

1) I am an Aquarius and enjoy reading about astrology.

2) My first job was at a Mini Mart. I was under 18 so happy to make any sort of wage. It required waking up at 5 am on weekends to sort newspapers, and mopping floors. Yuck!

3) I am obsessed with Panera Bread. Specifically their salads, soups, and smoothies.

4) I used to wear black lipstick and nail polish in high school and thought it was cool.

5) The book I am about to read is "Inferno" by Dan Brown.

6) The last book I read was "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me" by Mindy Kaling and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

7) My favorite face care brand is Bliss. I was introduced to the line from one of my favorite bloggers and I just love all of their products.

8) I hold a part-time job as a fitness instructor. By day I teach high school.

9) I love to take weekly Pilates reformer classes at a very nice
studio. It is one of the ways I "treat myself."

10) I don't "love" animals, even cats and dogs.
I don't ever care to have a pet.

11) I would love to live in Florida one day.
I do not like New Jersey, but it is home.

12) I spend well over three hours on the Internet each day but I don't always recall how I spent the time.

13) My favorite store is J. Crew and I spend way too much money there.

14) I am a big football fan and my favorite team is the New York Giants. I never thought when I was younger that I would ever like football.

15) My husband was my high school boyfriend.

16) One of my pet peeves is when a driver speeds up at an intersection to cut you off and then drives the speed limit... or slower.

17) I don't use Facebook because I don't like the effect it has had on society. I think it has limited social interaction and I'm taking my "stand" by not having a page -- even though I miss out on so many good coupons.

18) The majority of my emails each morning are store promotions. I really need to limit my preferences!

19) I am very happy with my husband and no kids.

20) I attended law school for a week but dropped out over fear of the tuition commitment.

21) I buy way too many room candles and moisturizers.

22) I really like seahorses.

23) I am frugal and rarely pay full price for anything I want.

24) I can't stand pop up ads and YouTube ads. Enough already!

25) I am a technology geek and cannot function without an Apple product.

That's my 25.
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Monday, June 17, 2013

GREEN is the color of 2013 (and my closet)

Green is the color of 2013, or so they say. I never listen to "them" ... however, I happen to really like green -- all shades! I still am excited about "mint" even though a magazine I read recently said the color is on its way out. Bad news since I just bought an amazing mint color Rebecca Minkoff "Jayden" satchel in that very color. (cue sarcasm, I like what I like and don't give a rat's a** about what a magazine says.) Here is my new pretty:

I wish I could tell you she is my last purse purchase of the summer, but Lord knows I would be LYING because I already have my eyes on a second bag. Do I need anymore bags -- of course not! I probably ought to make room but I've learned the hard way that an item you want isn't always available when you are "ready" to make the purchase.

I also bought another pair of Broken-In Straight Khakis from GAP in "fresh green." I have nearly the exact same shade in J. Crew cafe capris, but something about this pair seems a slight bit more casual. I know I will get use out of them being that I wore the J. Crew capris at least 5 times already. At less than $14, it was not a big deal to have a second pair of green pants.

While at GAP, I also bought this not-green butterfly perfect shirt on "final sale" for under $20. I don't see "final sale" items at GAP often, but when I do, the price is often low enough to justify it. No way I would return this shirt!
I also bought the J. Crew perfect linen shirt in green, though it is more of a sea foam green than an emerald green. I like it and it will be great for summer. I got plenty of mileage out of my linen shirts last year so I am sure this will get worn. I had my eye on a green shirt from GAP but this one is more work appropriate and high quality, and for $24 after discounts, the price was right.

Lastly, I bought a pair (my first) of Sam Edelman Gigi thong sandals at Marshall's. These particular style/brand sandals are very popular and I often see them at Nordstrom's for much more than the $32 I paid. Plus, the rose gold color is a great neutral and different from the many gold accented sandals I own.

What are your thoughts on these items?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday Night Sales

I went to the mall last night during a very rainy storm. While it is not fun to drive around in, if you strap on some rainboots and a rain jacket, you can usually find the malls a little less crowded and a little better stocked.

At J. Crew I checked out the sale section that JCA's have been buzzing about. I was shocked to learn that for once, the sale items were NOT final sale. While there I bought the Cafe capri in neon tipped seersucker (red currant) and the blue butterfly Tippi sweater. Total cost= $49. The seersucker pants are a red color, which is different from the blue seersucker items I own. Plus I liked the contrast of the neon yellow piping. I was surprised to size down but I felt that my regular size  would sag in the back after a few hours of wear. I hope I was right. I also sized down in the sweater. I don't think I am shrinking here, I suspect the sizing is changing.

I also headed to Gap where I made found some bargains. Gap doesn't often offer an item as "final sale" but when they do, the price is usually next to nothing. I bought this jacquard blazer for $15.97 and this print top for $12.97. I also spotted a pair of blue Broken In Straight Khakis, which is an item I have been looking for in my size for some time now. The cost for those was $25.

Overall it was a pretty good night of shopping. Do you have any of these items? Will you be shopping this weekend? Please comment below!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Drinking the CREWLADE

Crewlade This may be the most serious of them all. The mixer of vaporous crewlade batches is unknown. Is it the marketing & graphic design departments of J Crew? PR? Is it…is it…us? --*gasp* -- the bloggers and blog visitors who incessantly discuss the merch to the point of memorization? FYI, inhalers rarely have control over this stuff. Do your best not to hit it too hard. It's dangerous! You usually don't come down until you get back home or the credit card bill arrives.  (source:

I've been guilty of "drinking the Crewlade" before, but never more than recently when I decided to purchase the ubiquitous "punk floral swoop top." I mean, I tried this shirt on in store and didn't love the "sexy back" -- would I get use out this top at work?

So yeah, I had my size (last top in store when I tried it on) and I didn't love it on me. But I LOVED it on everyone else. And by everyone else I mean ALL of my favorite bloggers and J. Crew store associates. I saw the shirts in stores up until two weeks ago. So of course now that J. Crew has offered yet ANOTHER promotion and my credit card is in a new billing cycle,  I decide I NEED a swoop top to survive. And of course, it was nowhere to be found. Until Wednesday. Thank goodness for popbacks!

So anyway, it's here I've never paid over $80 for a shirt before. I hope I get my money's worth.