Sunday, January 5, 2014

January sales

Hello all! Hope your new year is starting off well!

A quick post to share some recent purchases. This is sale season and it is hard to resist regular visits to my favorite stores.

First I bought the Banana Republic Hacking Jacket in Burgundy for around $30. I felt this one fit me very well (I did size down). I initially bought the pink hacking jacket at a great price ($50) but after consideration I returned it. I didn't fit nearly as well as the burgundy one for some reason, and a deal is not a good deal if the item will stay in your closet.

I also visited J. Crew where the extra 40 off sale is going strong. I purchased the Vintage Sweatshirt in gray (I already have the lilac) and also the military shirt. Each cost me about $20 after discounts so I didn't mind buying them on final sale.

Do you own any of these items? Have you made any great purchases at Banana Republic or J. Crew this month? I love to read your comments!