Wednesday, August 1, 2012

THE Bubble necklace

So I decided today to blog about a recent purchase -- one that I mulled over for nearly a YEAR before deciding to pull the trigger, so to speak. And that purchase would be the J. Crew Bubble necklace. Not the bubble-inspired necklaces on eBay or etsy, I'm talking the one that costs $150. The one that makes you ask yourself, 'are those folks at J. Crew CRAZY?' Or, 'am I crazy for even CONSIDERING such a purchase?'

I often read about bubble necklaces on my favorite blogs. Many bloggers love them, and of course, some hate how they look. Bloggers who love the bubble are divided on whether the price tag is worth it. I thought I would weigh in and give my own thoughts and experience on this controversial (LOL!) topic. I preface this to say that these are just my thoughts and opinions, and I'm sure others may respectfully disagree. I don't mean to offend anyone!

My very first bubble necklace was purchased from eBay about a year ago. From China, I'm sure. I thought it was a great deal, just $15 with shipping and it looked really close to the ones I saw in J. Crew. It had the same smooth, large size stones, it felt heavy, and the metal looked like it would last more than a month. I was happy with my purchase. However, I have yet to wear the necklace outside of my house. It's not that I worry or care that people would know it was a fake. In fact, it looks so close to the real deal that it would probably fool most. But for whatever reason, I have yet to wear it with an outfit.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I started frequenting J. Crew like every week. (No seriously, it's sometimes TWICE a week.) I always admired the bubble necklaces in the case in the middle of the store. And it always seemed like the colors would get better and brighter each month. The bright yellow, the deep red, the colorful green, the white.... I could go on. The one I always loved was the turquoise blue. I looked on eBay and etsy but those necklaces never could hold a candle to the one in store, at least in my eyes. The faceted stones looked cheap, the metal looked brittle. For some people that might be OK -- and that is fine -- but in my eyes, you get what you pay for.

Now, is the J. Crew bubble worth the $150 I paid? Of course not, but I am happy with my purchase. Here is why. 1) I bought the necklace from a reputable store, so should I have a problem, I know where to take it to complain. I was comforted by the fact that the store associates in the store said that no one who has purchased the necklace has ever come back to the store with a problem. 2) Like my LV bag, the necklace is somewhat of a status item and as such I am excited to wear it. The necklace is something I have wanted for a long time and saved up to buy. I already have worn it twice! 3) I managed to save at least a few bucks by using the purchase as an opportunity to open a store card. 4) It is one of the few J. Crew items that seldom if ever goes on sale. 5) It is timeless as the store has been selling these necklaces like hotcakes for the last few years. 6) I'm happy my money is supporting a US brand and not eBay counterfeiters. And even some (not all) of the etsy sellers are getting their bubbles in wholesale bulk from China, so be careful.

Anyway, here is my "pretty"


  1. Congratulations on your bubble necklace. I think you were smart to buy the turquoise one from J Crew. You just never know what you're going to get, no matter what pics they provide. My friend was very disappointed to receive faceted stones on hers. *I* could see in the photos that the stones were faceted, but she didn't know to look for that and assumed all were smooth. Is she really going to send it back to China even though they offer returns? Of course not. They know this, which is why they've probably priced it low enough so we'll just keep them no matter what.

    I own both retail and non-retail. Totally agree that the Etsy sellers may be crafting in US, but getting their stones from China. It would be nice to see the stones crafted in the US, but that's a whole nother ball of wax. Great post and thanks for sharing your thoughts about the two.

    1. OMG Gigi -- I am such a big fan of your blog! Thanks for visiting and also taking the time to write such a thoughtful response to my post.

      In the end, I am still happy with my larger-than-normal purchase. And I will be checking out that book you mentioned on your blog, "Overdressed" -- it sounds interesting!

  2. So glad you love it! I ADORE the turquoise and I own the factory version in turquoise! Gorgeous! I'm thrilled that I finally purchased one! Now I want to see yours with an outfit you wore! :)

    1. Jeannie -- I love your blog, thanks for visiting mine! I have yet been brave enough to post outfit photos but maybe one day!