Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beat the Clock -- 40 off sale @ Banana Republic

This weekend, Banana Republic offered a 40 off sale prices during their "Beat the Clock" event. If you got there by 1 pm, you were entitled to the discount. I must admit I typically can't even get in on such events as they are usually held at highly inconvenient working hours times of the day.  And I've also had the bad experience in the past of being on a checkout line at 1 pm but the salesperson refused to admit she was too slow honor the discount.

But this event took place on a Friday, and on my day off. I was slow to get there -- in fact I arrived at 12:57 but they handed me a slip of paper and they told me they would honor it even a bit after 1 pm. Sweet! Here are my purchases:

I picked up the floral sateen pencil skirt (which was on final sale but it fit perfectly!) and the sateen shorts in Poseidon Green. I wore my usual size in both.

I also picked up this Annie scoopneck in stripe shirt. I couldn't find a stock photo of the one I purchased (yellow) but you can visit this blog to see an IRL photo: Ajcshoppinnghabit. Total for purchases: $62!


  1. I'm glad that BR honored the discount this time around! I like your finds, especially those green shorts! I used to shop a lot at BR, but I find that hardly go in there anymore. I recently thrifted a beautiful lace skirt from BR though! Hope you are enjoying the end of summer.

  2. Thanks I am enjoying the end of summer. I go back to work the week of August 20 for a summer program.

    I am planning to go thrifting again tomorrow! If I find anything good I will post!