Sunday, August 19, 2012

Loving the CREW-let (more!)

After receiving a 20-percent off $125 coupon from J. Crew Factory, plus a $50 J. Crew gift card for credit card purchases, I had to go back! Here is what I ended up with:

The J. Crew Factory Wool Pencil Skirt in Retro Jade (I actually like the Factory's version better than J. Crew because there are no front slit pockets.) I also picked up the Royal Paisley pencil skirt, and a perfect plaid shirt -- the same Barbados print J. Crew came out with earlier this year.


  1. I am totally going to have to go get that Retro Jade skirt! I didn't realize the factory had it! You will love the Royal Paisley! I love the factory!!

  2. Green is definitely your color! I can't wait to see you wear it on your blog! Thanks for posting.