Monday, August 13, 2012

Loving the CREW-let

I've become really obsessed with J. Crew Factory (aka the "Crewlet") this year.  I really love J. Crew, but I cannot afford to buy items full price and their promotions on regular retail prices are few and far between. (Thank goodness for their sales!) However, the Factory frequently offers promotions and coupons and they are often too good to pass up.

I received an in store postcard earlier this month to come back in August and get a discount based on how much I spend. For instance, if you spent $200, you got 25% off. So I used the opportunity to buy items on my fall wardrobe list: two wool flannel schoolboy blazers (Note: the pictures of the professor blazer on the Factory website are not accurate so I am posting photos from J. Crew's website. The ones in the factory say "schoolboy" on the tag and have gold buttons. You really ought to see them IRL because I think they are extremely similar in style and quality to the B&M store originals.) So anyway, I bought the navy and camel colors.

I also picked up this yellow polka dot blouse and this tartan plaid perfect shirt in emerald green. This plaid shirt was offered at J. Crew a year ago and I missed out, so I am happy to have a second chance to buy it!

And lastly, I scored some J. Crew "castoffs" -- 5 inch chino shorts that were sold in J. Crew, but ended up on the rack at the factory in neon yellow and aqua blue. (Sorry, no photos available!)


  1. I am loving the Crewlet lately too! I am planning a trip back later this week to pick up the pencil skirt in the nubby vintage tweed. :o)

    1. It can be hit or miss but lately a lot of hits! I hope you post about the tweed skirt on your blog -- would love to read your thoughts about it!