Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School with another Academy Blazer (GAP)

I find it hard to pass up a J. Crew 30 off sale, I also find it hard to not use a 40-off coupon from the GAP. I decided that I wanted to get another blazer. I absolutely LOVE my vamp red ponte knit academy blazer (see previous post) but I wasn't sure I wanted two of the same style. The close contender was the bright purple version with white piping. I loved the color but I have made a point of only purchasing items I will wear year round. I just couldn't see myself wearing bright purple in January, but I am certain I will get use out of the burgundy color.

I did spot the military style academy blazer which comes in blue and red. The bloggers have all been raving about the blue herringbone -- which is very nice in person -- but I already have at least four blue blazers, ranging in color from navy to cerulean blue. The apple red however was something I didn't have. I purchased the poppy color orange red blazer from J. Crew but that will not work well in the winter months. I think this red blazer will work well most of the year -- especially around Christmas, Valentine's Day and other "wear red" days of the year. I had to size down from my normal GAP size. I find the red blazer runs bigger than the ponte knit blazer.

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