Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thrift store edition

I'm always impressed by great pieces that a blogger found "thrifting." I think it is partly because I am a huge proponent of recycling clothing. And who doesn't love a great price? But what is most impressive to me is that the individual needed to "find" that piece among all the other forgotten clothing, had to of course be able to fit the clothing, and most importantly, had to envision that piece with other items in her wardrobe.

One such source of inspiration is http://applesandpencilskirts.blogspot.com/ who frequents thrift stores and always seems to find great pieces to add to her collection. And so today, I decided to venture out to a new thrift store (not the one I live closest to -- where I never find anything!) I went there with a specific purpose: to hunt for great blazers, dresses, and skirts. I hit the jackpot!

My first find was very exciting --- a brand new with tags dark green blazer from BARNEYS NEW YORK! In my size! (The picture of the black blazer is very similar, but imagine it in dark green.) Since I will probably never own anything else new from that store, I grabbed it! I don't yet know how I will style it, but for $8, I am sure I will figure it out.  The next item I found was a wool pencil skirt from Ann Taylor. I don't own any wool pencil skirts, unless you count my J. Crew tweed skirt, and the reason is because I am reluctant to pay too much money for a skirt I will inevitably spend a lifetime dry cleaning. But for $7, that is not a problem. I love the color as it reminded me of the J. Crew Bright Dahlia color. The other photograph is the ACTUAL item I bought: a Juicy Couture herringbone blazer! I simply could not believe it was only $10 and it fit me perfectly. Love!

I also bought an adorable Old Navy floral dress that was brand new with tags.  (If I find a photo on the web later, I will post one as I am too lazy to take a real photo). So happy with my day! Two blazers, a skirt, and a (new) dress. Total shopping: $36!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Congratulations on your finds, all very exciting! I'm glad that you found a good thrift store--that makes all the difference.