Thursday, June 27, 2013


So I already have this great black and white striped blazer from Shade Clothing Co. that I bought last year for a measly $20. I posted about it here: Shade Co.

I mention it, because it explains my dilemma over buying a similar Maritime blazer from J. Crew during the super sale -stacking 25 off plus 30 off OMG! sale. I ended up getting this one for $26. Here she is.

Did I need her? I had a perfectly good and very similar blazer already! Here is my rationale:

(1) When you love something, some people like to buy a second, a "back up" if you will.
(2) This J. Crew blazer was navy and white, not black and white.
(3) My Shade Co. Blazer is a Medium which runs loose and comfortable, while my Maritime blazer is a small form-fitted (with shorter sleeves I don't need to cuff!). Also, one is great for leaving open (read: "skinny" days) while one is good for buttoning (read, "bloated" days!)
(4)It was $26!

What do you think? What do you own "doubles" of?

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