Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Liberty collector

I somehow became a Liberty print collector.

It happened so suddenly; one day, a year ago, I saw a table of funky eclectic Liberty prints. I said to myself, I would like one. Saw price tag: $150. Said No way, Jose.

Few months later, saw same shirts on clearance for way cheaper. Promptly purchased.

And this is how I now have a "collection" of at least eight Liberty prints. I have four shirts, two belts, the "Emma" toothpick jeans

And now.... I have these awesome Matilda toothpick jeans. Hello Fourth of July! With the recent stacked promotions these cost about $40+.

What do you think? Too loud? Just right?


  1. Love these! Kicking myself for not buying them last weekend, but I went up two sizes and still looked a little vacuum-packed in them :/ They are my fav liberty jean so far! Enjoy!

  2. I think these run tight as an "ankle" fit. I bought a Liberty toothpick in another print one month ago that runs two sizes smaller. But those are regular. They did stretch a bit though if that helps you make a decision...

  3. I am addicted to Liberty print things. The Matilda jeans are on their way to me. From what I can tell, I will like them a lot but I have not seen them IRL. You know you cannot ask me if I think they're too loud, lol.

    1. I didn't love the fit but I LOVE the print. This is an example of me "making it work." I guess because they are "ankle" fit they run smaller than the other pair I own (Emma and Georgina0.

      Let me know if you agree when your pair arrives.

      Thanks for being here!