Monday, June 17, 2013

GREEN is the color of 2013 (and my closet)

Green is the color of 2013, or so they say. I never listen to "them" ... however, I happen to really like green -- all shades! I still am excited about "mint" even though a magazine I read recently said the color is on its way out. Bad news since I just bought an amazing mint color Rebecca Minkoff "Jayden" satchel in that very color. (cue sarcasm, I like what I like and don't give a rat's a** about what a magazine says.) Here is my new pretty:

I wish I could tell you she is my last purse purchase of the summer, but Lord knows I would be LYING because I already have my eyes on a second bag. Do I need anymore bags -- of course not! I probably ought to make room but I've learned the hard way that an item you want isn't always available when you are "ready" to make the purchase.

I also bought another pair of Broken-In Straight Khakis from GAP in "fresh green." I have nearly the exact same shade in J. Crew cafe capris, but something about this pair seems a slight bit more casual. I know I will get use out of them being that I wore the J. Crew capris at least 5 times already. At less than $14, it was not a big deal to have a second pair of green pants.

While at GAP, I also bought this not-green butterfly perfect shirt on "final sale" for under $20. I don't see "final sale" items at GAP often, but when I do, the price is often low enough to justify it. No way I would return this shirt!
I also bought the J. Crew perfect linen shirt in green, though it is more of a sea foam green than an emerald green. I like it and it will be great for summer. I got plenty of mileage out of my linen shirts last year so I am sure this will get worn. I had my eye on a green shirt from GAP but this one is more work appropriate and high quality, and for $24 after discounts, the price was right.

Lastly, I bought a pair (my first) of Sam Edelman Gigi thong sandals at Marshall's. These particular style/brand sandals are very popular and I often see them at Nordstrom's for much more than the $32 I paid. Plus, the rose gold color is a great neutral and different from the many gold accented sandals I own.

What are your thoughts on these items?


  1. Awesome purchases!! I'm headed to the Gap website now to check out the green pants. I have almost every color of these pants and LOVE them!

  2. Hey - thanks for your comment. GAP is having a 30 percent off promotion for cardholders through tomorrow -- that is how I got the pants cheap! Normally the pants were about $20 which is still a great deal. I own three pairs -- the green, the cobalt blue, and a peach color.

    I hope to see the pants on your blog!