Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are you a MAXXinista?

So I've always wanted a straw bag for summer with gold accents. I've seen several bags that match my criteria over the years: many from Coach, and a few from Michael Kors.

Despite my love for high end brands, it's sometimes hard for me to justify the price tag when it comes to an item I will only use part of the year.

For instance, many people feel a Louis Vuitton bag is "out of reach" for a budget. Yes, I agree that a purse over $700 is. HOWEVER, when you consider "price per wear" (cost divided by how often you use it), the item seems practical and less extravagant. For me, I've worn my Vuitton bags so many times that the item is now "pennies" per day. It is simply my "go to" bag.

But I digress... can you justify a straw bag for $300 +?

Enter TJ Maxx, which is where I saw this lovely for $199.99:

** Note actual Michael Kors tote I bought is slightly different than item above but I could not find a good image online.

I love this Michael Kors Hamilton tote. We met for the first time a week earlier, but I was concerned $200 wasn't in my budget. The next week, I decided I needed her in my life. When I finally went to get her, she wasn't there! I went on a hunt to three neighboring TJ Maxx stores before I finally found her again. And this time, she was on clearance, marked down to $149.99. Score!

Have you had a TJ Maxx experience like this? Do you like this tote?


  1. It was meant to be!! :o) Btw, Love the bag...perfect for spring and summer! Sounds like I need to make a TJ Maxx run.

  2. They have the straw bag in orange, white, and brown! HTH!