Wednesday, July 18, 2012

J. Crew 40 off sale

Ugh. That was how I felt on Monday after receiving the J. Crew email that all sale items online and in stores are now 40 off. Remember my promise to  limit shopping? I do! But when 40 off comes along, well, it's sort of like putting the start of your diet on hold one more day.

I don't regret the purchases I picked up, I regret the amount of other purchases I bought for the last month or so. I've resorted to leaving my credit card at home after this trip. Here is is what I bought:

The J. Crew "back bow" (says Seraphina on my receipt) linen dress comes in white and it is a style I know I can get a lot of use out of (provided I keep the color in tact!) The name of the dress refers to the bow on the back of the dress. I'm actually not much of a bow person, but I love the simplicity of the shift design and I love the linen fabric. I can picture this dress with a colored linen blazer or a Jackie cardigan. The J. Crew green Lucille dress is all the rage among the blogger community. I can see why; it is a fun color and the style has many options (with blazer, with sweater, or just solo with great jewelry). Obviously I bought both on super sale. The white dress was $59.99 before the discounts and the green dress was $99.99 before discounts (but going fast off shelves, I should add).

 I also picked up more No. Pencil Double Serge Cotton skirts. I've realized that I now officially own every color except the purple ones. (Seriously!! I have at least 10 now!) I held out a long time for these colors, which are Natural and Black. I saw that the stores had several on their racks for a long time because, let's face it, these are basic colors you can get anywhere. And I think I, like many other people, get more excited about colorful items. But, because black and off white are basics, and because I LOVE this skirt style/fit, I figure I will get lots of use out of them -- probably more than my colored skirts. I have very happy to get them for about $30 each after discounts. I also found this Neon Pink skirt at the J. Crew Factory. Note: this skirt is NOT factory brand (you can tell by the tag inside) and is the real deal. Factory occasionally carries retail store items to get rid of them quicker. I didn't need the pink skirt as I already have the similar "Light rose" version. However, it was on the clearance rack and after discounts, I ended up getting it for UNDER $20. I was especially smug about that when the next day while in J. Crew I heard a customer ask an SA if there were any hot pink pencil skirts left.

 Lastly, I had really, really wanted the Cafe Capri pants in Soft Fuchsia (I love the Warm Jade ones!), but it was something I wasn't willing to pay above a certain amount for. After all, one can only wear hot pink pants for so many weeks of the year! I had seen several pairs last week on the rack and suspected I could hold out for them. (Note: this strategy can sometimes backfire as I waited too long for the elusive Porcelain Paisley skirt to drop in price.) But this time I lucked out and got my pants for $39.99 plus all other discounts. I also picked up the Modal Fish Print Scarf, which was the last one left, on sale for $20 after discounts. So that's it for a while folks, unless I can sell enough on eBay to pay off my credit cards! What do you think of these items?


  1. So far I haven't bought anything with the 40% off. (pats self on back :o)) Only because I'd already snatched up everything I wanted with the last 30% off.
    Those pink cafe capris are cute, though! and I need to get in-store and check out that bow back dress.

  2. I totally hear you about patting yourself on the back for not buying ---- had major guilt going on here!! LOL! I do think you will find the bow back dress to be a solid choice for the white dress you are in search of. The great sale price helped me to like it even more!

    And big thanks for commenting! I love reading your blog! :)