Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anthropologie sale ends today!

I have never been one to LOVE Anthropologie. I find myself to be more of a "classics" type of girl. I love clothing pieces that are timeless, and Anthropologie tends to be more eclectic and hipster.  I also think that the clothing in the store is overpriced. (Well so is J. Crew for that matter!) But I cannot resist a good sale, and that is when I happen into stores such as Madewell ( see prior post) and Anthropologie. Clothing looks more appealing to me when it costs less than half of the full retail price.

These are my very first two Anthropologie purchases. Both skirts were purchased at under $40. I was delighted to learn of a service at the store where if they don't have your size, they will order it from another store, or the website, with no shipping charge at the SAME price the store is asking.

The first skirt is called Plenty by Tracy Reese and it comes in pigeon gray. I love the combination of blue and orange. The other skirt is called Multi-Panel Plume and I just love the bird print and the swinginess of the skirt. These are two fun pieces that, while not my normal style, I can mix into my wardrobe. I love the prices I paid for both. In fact, today is the last day of the "extra 25 percent off sale clothing" at Anthropologie. Pickings are slim, but it is worth a look if you live near a store.

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