Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hey all! just came back from an amazing vacation to Miami! I must say that I bought next to nothing on vacation, bar a pair of J. Crew 5 inch chino shorts in Persimmon. I have since bought the same shorts in Mint color. Now that I am back to good ole' (tax-free clothing purchases) New Jersey, I have been busy!

(Unfortunately, the shorts are sold out online, so no photos. I must own about five pairs of the J. Crew 5 inch shorts. Not too long, not too short = just right!)

Most of my purchases post vacation have been (surprisingly!) jewelry ... and from J. Crew. These are all sale purchases, BTW.  I think J. Crew jewelry is excellent quality, but overpriced at full retail.

I should point out that despite the seeming barrage of orange-y jewelry, I find each piece to be distinctive and unique. First up is the crystal enamel bangle in a vibrant flame color. Next to it is the coveted Ram enamel bangle. I bough both bracelets for under $30 each after discounts. The necklace I am most excited about is the double strand seahorse necklace, which I have wanted for months now. I couldn't stomach the $150 price tag, but I was happy to get it on sale for around $50. I was delighted to purchase the Azalea necklace for under $50. This necklace is much more beautiful in real life!

Lastly, I am not a big fan of Madwell, but I could not pass up their extra 50 percent off sale. I picked up these pointy striped linen flats for just $25. I think they look a lot like J. Crew's Viv bow pointy flats, minus the bow.

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