Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shopping the sale rack (@ Banana Republic & J Crew)

I made it to the mall last night with a little unexpected spending money and I perused the sale rack at J. Crew, which is STILL an extra 40 off sale prices. It is slim pickings but if you see something  you like that fits, you can't beat the price. I found a Lucille scalloped eyelet dress in my size and I ended up paying $45 for it.

Cute, right? The problem is I am not thrilled that it is a white dress. It looks terrific, but I just bought a similar white dress from J Crew, the back bow dress (see prior post). You will notice that in the same post I also bought a Lucille in green which I LOVE! I am thinking about doing something crazy -- dyeing it. I normally wouldn't mess with the original color of a J. Crew item, but I don't see myself wearing two white dresses very often. I'll post more on this if I decide to do it. Feel free to comment on your own dyeing experiences!

I also stopped by Banana Republic. I picked up the Aqua Station necklace for $23 on sale. It is sold out online and was the last one in the store so if you see one and like it, grab it. I also grabbed another chambray linen shirt in voltage blue. This was the only one in the store and it was in my size. For $25 I didn't think twice. Plus I had some rewards to spend so my total was $29.

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