Saturday, June 9, 2012

Warming up to LOFT

It's always nice to discover another store you like. LOFT was a store that I always "wanted to like," but the clothing never called my name. I appreciate any store that offers a teacher discount, and I always appreciate a store that offers deep discounts on sale items. That is what is going on now: the additional 50 off. All the items below were purchased for a total of $85

The Marisa shorts were a great purchase at $17.50 ( down from orig. $39.50) because I am a big fan of the LOFT shorts this year. I've been wanting the Waverly striped dress for some time, but I was only willing to pay a portion of the $59.50 price. The LOFT rewards ($25 off $50) seemed to be the perfect opportunity to scoop it up. I've admired the seersucker blazer on past visits, but when I saw it for just $32.50 (and the only one left in my size), I knew it was something I didn't want to miss out on.

I also picked up this pocket skirt from Old Navy for just $12. Unfortunately it is a size too big but this particular pattern is hard to find so I considering keeping it and getting it altered.

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