Monday, June 18, 2012

From the weekend haul: J. Crew Factory

I have rediscovered J. Crew Factory.  As JCA's know, the factory is "hit or miss." Inspired by the still-good 20-off coupon, I think I picked up a few "hits."

Above is the summer plaid perfect shirt, the Azalea pencil skirt, the Garment-dyed Popover and a pair of white Skimmer pants (my 3rd pair by the way!). All purchases totaled $104 with use of coupon.

And since I can't help myself, I also drove past (and seriously, it was a "drive-by") J. Crew to pick up these pink gingham shorts (sold out online) and men's chambray fedora. Total price: $26!

It's been a struggle all day to not give in to the final sale madness on the J. Crew website!

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