Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Final sale -- FINALLY -- @ J. Crew

Could I possibly be "CREWED OUT" after five visits to J. Crew in the last four days? My answer: Don't be ridiculous!

Thanks to JCA for the info on 30 off in store. Yes, that means final sale, but if you've been eyeing something in store that you were on the fence about, an extra 30 percent off helps a person make a decision!

I came to J. Crew today (the first one, LOL) for the Tippi linen sweater that I have heard so much about. Yes, it is worth the hype. No, it wasn't worth the original price. However, with the discounts, I ended up paying $30 for it -- a very fair price.  I need another pink pencil skirt like I need a hole in my head... BUT at $24, I couldn't pass up the Neon Tweed.

I couldn't pass up these items. Top right is the colorblock stripe henley, next to the Kiwi perfect shirt, and below that is the stripe pullover hoodie. I am not looking forward to my credit card bill this month but I know I made good (sale) purchases.

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