Sunday, June 10, 2012

From weekend haul part 2: J. Crew toothpick jeans and seersucker pencil, etc.

I hit up a total of FOUR J. Crew stores this weekend (see previous post for some of the purchases). At one store on Saturday, I picked up the toothpick jeans in persimmon for just $60 (plus educator discount) as well as the seersucker pencil skirt (which was FULL price). I normally try to buy J. Crew clothing on sale but I was concerned that seersucker skirt had been sold out at two B&M stores. Additionally, it went "missing" online and later "popped back." I figured it would be best to buy now rather than risk not getting it. I wasn't a fan of the lower cost Factory version because I didn't love the visible zipper on the back. Additionally, I like the darker color stripes of the real J. Crew version.

I did however, make my way to the J. Crew Factory, where I picked up the Casbah pencil skirt, the Pumpkin Spice pencil skirt, another April skirt (navy blue), and a neon striped poly blend blouse all for $110 (using the 20 pct off coupon). I could only find photos of the two pencil skirt, not the other two items.

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