Monday, March 18, 2013

LOFT weekend sale

The funny thing about LOFT (and perhaps several retail stores) is that you can see a new item you like, and with periodic visits you can often get the item on deep discount about a month or so later. It makes it super hard for me to be willing to buy something at only, say 15 or 20 percent off. I was able to snag these two items from the sale rack with an additional 40 percent off during this weekend's sale.

I wanted the colorblock cocoon shell tank the second I saw it a month ago. I love the pink and orange color. Additionally, I missed out on the pink and orange colorblock dress from LOFT (a celebrity fave) last year, and was determined to get this item. Actually, I believe I will get more use out this as a tank/shell rather than a dress I would wear occasionally. I just love the pink and orange combination and think both will look great with a neutral -- especially white! The retail price was $55, and I got mine for $18.

I also couldn't pass up this Scuba blazer in pop color. The turquoise really makes me eyes and hair color stand out. The blazer cut is not traditional, but I think it is good to "change it up" once in a while. The blazer was originally $98, marked down to $80 with an extra 40 off... so the total was $48. The material and the striped lining at the cuffs reminds me of the Zara blazers -- which I love but feel are a bit overpriced. I've been wanting a turquoise blazer to add to my collection. This was a win-win!

I have been enjoying the selection and sales at LOFT lately. Have you made any LOFT purchases recently?


  1. I've ventured into LOFT from time to time but not often. Actually, I'm trying to put blinders on and not shop. ;)

    That colorblock shell is really cute. Love the neckline on it.

    1. I'm trying not to shop myself -- the problem is when I window shop and promise myself that "if and when ____ goes on sale, I better grab it" So it's like exercising some but not complete self-control -- LOL! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I went to Loft today since they had 50% off the sale. I was so good (and they didn't have my size in a pencil skirt I wanted) and only got the same shell for $15.

    1. Oh you got a better deal! A little jealous! However, I remember grabbing the "last of my size" for the shell so I'm not too disappointed.

      Happy LOFT is offering great items for great prices lately!

      Thanks for your comment!