Wednesday, March 27, 2013

J. Crew Factory Raid!

This will be a quick post! I've been very good about not spending money at J. Crew -- but Factory has been another story! They really have some great offerings lately and it's slightly less shopper's remorse. First up is (yet another) Heartthrob print -- this time the skirt.

On clearance this was an excellent purchase! Also bought these madras shirts, these hot pink earrings, this Charley/Tippi sweater in citron yellow (clearance price!), these dot skimmer/capri pants, and a large floppy sun hat --- mostly for wishful thinking!

Any factory purchases lately? Please share!


  1. So jealous! We don't have a factory store near by so I can only shop online which is a bummer b/c there's always such great stuff in stores that's not online and prices are always better in stores too. XO!


    1. That is too bad. It took a while before they built a Factory close to where I live, so hopefully they will expand near where you live as well. You are right about the in store deals -- I received an email that the whole store is 50 percent off this weekend! I don't need anything else but I might stop by just because.

      Thanks for commenting!