Monday, October 1, 2012

STYLE25 @ J Crew: Take TWO! Bubble necklace disease!

Ugh. That is me expressing some mild buyer's remorse. Not over the items I bought at J. Crew this weekend -- in which I took advantage of the 25 off promo a second time -- but the amount of money I spent this weekend.

What spurred my decision to fork over MORE of my hard earned money (see previous Factory purchases) was seeing a white bubble necklace in a sale case at my retail store. That's right, the elusive white bubble which was allegedly sold out. Yes, this is going to be my third bubble necklace in about a month (see previous posts regarding this ailment). So the bubble was marked down from $150 to $99 plus the $25 off.

However, I needed to add some items to take advantage of the promo. So I did -- DAMN YOU, J CREW!
I got the much-blogged about two-tone belt (14.99 plus the percent off!), a safari cat boy shirt (which I was pleasantly surprised fit me in a much smaller than usual size), and an iPhone case for my first EVER iPhone that I expect to buy next week when my contract ends. Very excited about that by the way. I am still a (sniff, sniff) BlackBerry user so this will be quite an upgrade!


  1. SOOOO jealous of your white bubble! You won't regret it...but you WOULD have regretted NOT buying it! To this day I KICK myself for not buying the red bubble necklace last holiday season when it got marked down to $89.99 in-store with an additional 30% off. WHAT was I thinking? I still regret not getting it!!

  2. OK thanks for helping with my buyers remorse! LOL! I feel slightly less guilty about the weekend spending spree! :)