Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day shopping (BR & J. Crew)

I won't even get into the fact that I need to stop shopping. Rather, please know I have removed all credit cards from the purse in order to let them "cool off." But what I bought today were items all deeply discounted so I am not going to feel too bad about any of them.
I'll start with this belt which has been on my "fall list" (yes, I actually did make a fall list and I have already bought the handful of items on it, with this being the last 'to get' item). It is from Banana Republic and it is the equestrian belt. While I tend to buy belts in a size small, this M/L fits very tight so it works. I am excited to have purchased it for $33 during the "Power Hour 40 pct off from 11 am- 2pm" sale today.
Since the mall I elected to visit is right next to J. Crew... well you can figure out what happened. I bought three items, many inspired by other bloggers. First I bought the rugby stripe in black and white which, after discounts, cost me $13. You can see this on applesandpencilskirts I also bought a neon pink Naomi top which after discounts cost $16. You can see this item on colorfulcorporate.

Lastly, the item I am most excited about was this Abstract Floral scarf in mineral green, which apparently is not available online. I could only find the scarf on one blog: mysuperfluities (which is the blog from where the image I found online came from). However,  I recall seeing this print before on several blogs, including The print is stunning and I think the scarf will be a great 'transition to fall' piece that can also be worn in the spring. The scarf, after discounts, cost $25.

It was decidedly a quick shopping trip due to me needing a shopping break, but also awaiting the delivery of my very first iPhone! So excited.


  1. Hey thanks Tara. I loved it too and it was thanks to ApplesandPencils post that I even knew about it! The price was too good to pass up!

  2. GAAAAAH I can't believe you got a Naomi for $16!!! I am GREEN with envy! I paid $40 or $50 for mine probably!

  3. I often feel the same way about J Crew items. If I 'can't live without it' -- I buy it at what later turns out to be a higher price. If I 'might live without it,' I wait for a sale which -- on occasion -- has blown up in my face. Cases in point: the porcelain paisley skirt and the anchors aweigh top.