Sunday, October 14, 2012

J. Crew: Dots and Zebras (oh my!)

I was definitely holding back on the shopping this weekend, and to ensure my spending stayed in check, I brought my hubby along for the trip to give me the instant guilt-check. I only purchased candles from Bath & Body Works (2/$20 and new Christmas candles with a 20-off coupon - WHAT?!) and a trip to J. Crew.

Upon learning that sweaters were on in-store promo for 25 off, I decided late into the game that I needed the camel polka dot Tippi sweater, mentioned on SEVERAL blogs including:  1moreshoppingblog, Tweedandtoile, andVeronika's Blushing. The promo plus educator discount influenced me, but also the fact that it was apparently sold out EVERYWHERE (online and in stores). I ended up getting it a size larger than normal but it fits fine, just loose, and I am happy with it. Also bought the silk zebra top in the brown color. That one was on final sale and I was so happy to finally get it in my size. I think it will look great with bright colors!


  1. Both pieces are awesome! And guess what? You are the fist one I'm telling...I bought my 3rd bubble. I think the two of us both have problems, don't you??? :)

  2. Thanks! And LOL about the third bubble confession! I tell you what, that third one I bought -- the white one -- has proven to be the most versatile and the one I wear most.

    What color did you get? I am about to peek at your blog to see if you unveiled it :)

  3. Thanks so much Tara! I feel like I have so many polka dot items this season but I am hopeful they will be 'timeless' rather than trendy. So far I've been getting mileage out of everything. I've been reluctant to buy this sweater because of the price (which is high for me for a sweater) but I've realized this one is likely never to go on sale, or be available in my size IF on sale, so I went for it!

  4. Why is it that sometimes you don't know you *need* an item until its pretty much sold out and then you have to do this crazy, mad dash to find it?! :o) Enjoy it...I know you will!

  5. A poignant, universal question -- and one I can't truly "answer" for all except to say that I myself totally buy into the last-minute frenzy and often "drink the Crewlade" as they say....

    To that end, I can't say I am unhappy with my purchase -- especially after a customer questioned me at the counter during the purchase... "are there any more of those sweaters?"

    "Oh, sorry" I responded. "I called four J. Crew stores this morning and this was the LAST one." (cue smug smile and snarky chuckle... LOL)