Saturday, September 29, 2012

"ANOTHER bright pair of jeans?"

"Another bright pair of jeans?"

That's what my husband said after coming home from the mall last night, and showing off my J. Crew Factory purchases.

Yes, husband, ANOTHER bright pair of jeans. They are still very much in style. Of course he never goes to the mall or reads blogs or magazines so he thinks I am breaking fashion rules.

I was at the Factory (also known as the Crewlet) and I saw these matchstick/toothpick jeans:
I wasn't there specifically to buy these jeans, especially since I already own the neon persimmon version from J. Crew and a pair of red skinny jeans from GAP. However the jeans were on a store promo for $49.99. And I had remembered seeing them look fabulous on Jeannie:

So I bought ANOTHER pair or bright jeans -- and I will wear them to dinner tonight no matter what the hubby says! LOL

I also picked up this quilted excursion vest, which I had my eye on a month or so ago but then it was offered for full price.  For some reason the vest is not on the Factory site -- instead they have some other vest in a similar color. I found this photo using Google and this one is much more accurate.
The vest was on store promo for 20 % off, making it $76. And I had one of those "spend $125 and get 20 off" coupons which helped. NOTE: There is a coupon code STYLE25 which works at the Factory and gets 25% off $150, but there wasn't anything else I wanted.

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  1. Lol you will love the green jeans! They're so fun! Thanks for the link!