Saturday, October 6, 2012

FIERCE! The J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Snake Print Skirt

"I'm not going to go shopping this weekend."

That's what I told myself after last weekend's shopping spree. But things happen. Like, learning that J. Crew's sale section is an extra 25 off. Or my husband calling to tell me he will be home much later.

So I went shopping, but made sure to exercise control. I ended up buying ONE thing, the J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Snake Print. It was originally $158 but after discounts I ended up paying just $44 for it.

I loved the skirt the minute it first hit stores, but the price and the print made it seem unrealistic. I'm a teacher. I wear some tasteful/tame leopard/cheetah prints but I am careful to neutralize those outfits as much as possible. But snake print? Well, one of these days I will have to be brave and give it a try -- the skirt was final sale so it isn't going back!

A quick note about sizing: I feel that in the past J. Crew has been super consistent with pencil skirt sizing and I usually don't even have to try a skirt on -- although I ALWAYS do just to be sure. I think that this one fits snug and I figure it is due to the lining. I ended up buying my 'regular' size because that is what was available on the rack, but I probably could have sized up and it would have fit. Also the length of this pencil skirt is longer than other pencils of the past. I think that was a trend this year. Great for taller people, not so much for those who are 'short and sweet' like me! So for me, this skirt means higher heels!

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