Saturday, September 22, 2012

Layering for fall

When you work in an old building with HVAC issues, I find that layering is a MUST. There is virtually no temperature control in my 100-plus year old school building; a day that is 70 degrees and cool outside can feel like 85 degrees in a hot classroom without ventilation. You walk into another classroom, and it feels like 60 degrees. It's impossible to predict, so all one can do is prepare.

I've been layering clothing quite a bit to adjust to the temperature issues. And although I have plenty of fabulous cardigans and blazers, I don't have too many shells and sleeveless tanks. I was able to pick up quite a few good ones recently from Old Navy.

I purchased this ruffle dot tank in green after receiving so many compliments on my white one. Since it was only $3.99 plus an extra 15 off, I also bought it in red multi dots.

I also picked up this dotted ruffle sleeveless blouse (note, I'm more into the dots than the ruffles, but the ruffles are not so distracting that they bother me) and a plain back sleeveless blouse. Both were under $15 each.

I also loved these two striped printed racerback tanks: I got it in red and black. I bought one online for $7 and the other in store for $12.


  1. I definitely need more layering pieces in my closet ! Love all the one you picked !
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  2. Thanks! Layering is best when you can't predict the indoor temperature!

  3. Layering is not my strength. It's like I have no patience to determine what looks good layered over what. Maybe blogging will help!

  4. I actually got my ideas for layering choices from the many great blogs I read each week. My school is just so hot and cold that I have to! If you wear a sweater in the winter, the class might be 80 degrees. If you wear a tank in May another room is 55 degrees. It's just crazy!