Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thrift store SCORES from the weekend!

So I've been rediscovering thrift stores lately (see previous posts). On Sunday, an afternoon too beautiful to stay indoors, I found myself at a Goodwill store I had visited a month earlier. Sadly there were no finds -- except for a sign announcing that a nearby thrift store had just opened this past week. It was a 15 minute ride, and it was a beautiful day, so I decided I would check it out. I was warned upon inquiring about the store that "customers have complained it is expensive" and "we hear it is a lot of Target stuff."

Well, I myself like to form my own opinions, so I went... and I am glad I did! This newly-opened Goodwill was stocked largely with Ann Taylor and Target castaways. And yes, it was priced high, with items marked $20-$80. Still, deals were to be had!

Sadly, a majority of the Ann Taylor clothing had "Sample" in marker or other seemingly non-washable substance on the back. What I found to be a good surprise was the Target castoffs -- hey, remember when Missoni for Target sold out? Or Jason Wu for Target? There was TONS of brand new items -- even designer collaborating collections --- at a slightly lower than retail cost. I wasn't able to find any Missoni items in my size,  but I found this gorgeous Jason Wu dress -- brand new -- for $19.99.
I was shocked upon searching the jeans section -- mostly Mossimo for Target and LOFT/Ann Taylor castoffs -- to discover there were a handful of Bloomingdale's castoffs -- with the Bloomingdale's return sticker on the retail tag. I scored a pair of Joe's Jeans (my absolute favorite brand) with the original retail tag/Bloomingdale sticker on it for ... $29.99. Now I realize that for thrift shoppers, $30 for jeans seems like a lot, but Joe's Jeans retail new for $145! I love them and they are amazing.

I also scored a new or like new without tags Thomas Mason for J. Crew white shirt. Original retail is near $135 but I got it for $7.50!


  1. How exciting! I'm glad that you were able to find some great items! Even though the prices might be high in comparison to thrift prices, I think since the tags were still on they were a steal! :)

    1. Thanks -- I think so, too! You really were the one to help me rediscover thrifting again, and it has been a fun addition to my weekend "things-to-do" list!

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    1. Thanks, I was happy to find them! Thrifting is so "hit and miss" with me. The first store had NOTHING, but it was while in the first store that I 'found' the second store!

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    1. Thanks, I am pretty excited about them! I've been loving the thrift stores lately -- it's a lot of fun and much more guilt-free than the mall can (sometimes) be!

    2. Which store location is this? I got a Jason Wu for target skirt in a northern NJ goodwill and was pretty happy since I got it for only $10.