Saturday, May 4, 2013

J. Crew storewide sale

I always debate the storewide sales at J. Crew -- which thankfully have become slightly more common these days. I am pleased that the store is starting to reward the cardholders with an additional discount (cardholders get 30 off as opposed to 25 off). I weigh whether the storewide promo is actually a "deal" or not. Let's face it, many items will eventually make their way to the sale section where they will inevitably receive a markdown and an additional discount. But the question is, will an item be so popular that it sells out in most sizes, or will there be plenty to purchase in a few weeks for less?

I often luck out by waiting for an item to hit the sale rack. I've had the experience of buying something on the sale rack, only to learn that a week later the price dropped by another $20. But when you buy "final sale" you take that risk. Likewise, I've had the experience of waiting for an item's price to drop, only to learn that I waited too long and now the item is gone (Hello, Porcelain Paisley skirt circa 2012!)

This was the conversation that took place in my head this week as I shopped J. Crew's storewide sale. Is this a good deal? If I wait will I get a better deal, or will I have waited too long? These were the items I decided were too good to pass up.

The first two items I bought were no-brainers. It was highly unlikely that I would get a better deal for these Scout cropped chino pants here --- Just $15 each after discounts! I see these getting a lot of use in the warmer months and the quality seems good.

I also bought the indigo dot schoolboy blazer here. I bought this in my usual size for Schoolboy blazers, but for some reason this jacket had a "boxy" fit on me. Unfortunately, sizing down didn't feel "right" either so I guess I will just deal. The jacket with the promo came to $56, which is what a similar blazer at GAP would cost. Do I need more chambray with polka dots? Absolutely not, but that won't stop me from buying more!

It took me three trips to the store to make a decision on the Lodden paisley Liberty print shirt here. The shirt was marked to $99, so with 30 off it would be $70. I felt that was still a lot, based on the fact that I have bought other Liberty shirts in recent months for less. But, this print was sold out online and hard to find in my size in other stores. Plus I had a $25 reward that J. Crew emailed me the other day. With that, I justified in my mind that the item was really only $45. I like the light pinks and greens in the print.

Lastly, I bought the Soleil linen tee here It was $45 retail, but only $30 after the promo discount. I am a sucker for hot pink.

I wish I could say that I'm done shopping for the weekend but I might have to pass by Factory for the 40-off store-wide promo.

Have you done any damage this week at J. Crew? Do you own or like these items?

Please share!


  1. I bought the indigo dot blazer online for the same price and wore it earlier this week. Also got the crystal necklace from j crew factory thru the website for a little under $28 due to a 30% off code they emailed a few weeks ago.

  2. So happy for you! I love both myself -- though I have yet to "debut" them!

    Thanks for posting!