Saturday, May 18, 2013

Linen tees

Sorry for the delay between posts. I've had plenty of purchases I wanted to share but not enough time to get on this blog.

Let me start with J. Crew linen tees. Love them! It was not love at first sight, because I was not loving the see-through quality, plus my normal size seemed a bit big. So the second time I tried one on, I sized down and I immediately liked it better. In my last post, I shared that I bought the Soleil colorblock tee. Well, I had to grab these two from the sale rack -- the Polka Dot linen tee and the Pop Art linen tee (pink of course). Both were a steal at under $20 each.

I also had to go back and grab the umbrella tee. Online it was on promotion but in store it was not. Fortunately the store associate was nice enough to honor the online price with an extra 30 off. I also grabbed (not pictured) a linen tee from JC Penney, which was only $10. The quality was surprisingly good! The idea to shop there came from Beach Chic Style. I didn't buy the flamingo linen tee (which was cute!), but found a great neon violet basic instead.

I also grabbed ANOTHER pair of Scout chinos in soft violet. Love the fit of these and was able to get it on the sale rack for about $20. Lastly, I bought the neon tweed skirt. I am not sure if the $50 I spent on it (after discounts) was a good deal because I don't know how often I will wear it. That said, I couldn't pass up the last one in the area, which consequently was in my size.

I'll post the rest tomorrow if I find the time. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I also have the neon tweed skirt and it took forever to find a top that matched the pink in the skirt. Just wanted to pass along the match that I FINALLY found! It is the perfect pinky-orange that matches the pink in the skirt.

    The color is called bohemian red.

  2. Hey thanks for the suggestion! I was thinking white or black so new ideas are welcome!

    Thanks for being here!