Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

Please be patient with the long gaps between posts --- I am job searching like a maniac, and I also have an increasingly ill family member. That said, this blog and all the blogs I enjoy reading are a welcome happy distraction!

I went to Target recently where I found this linen floral print blazer that I have loved for a while on the clearance rack. This purchase was a no-brainer. I would like to wear this with white pants, jeans, or shorts.

I also bought this Chanel-esque lady jacket in pink by Merona. And of course, the much blogged-about seahorse shirt. Seahorses are my favorite "animal" and I have a growing collection of accessories with the print. Sadly, I do not have enough clothing items so I am pleased to see such a variety this season!

The last thing I need to buy is ANOTHER pair of jeans. Seriously. I have so many jeans I could probably wear one new pair every day for a month. And in recent months, I have opted to buy all jeans from thrift stores, which carry the brands I like at a fraction of the price and are already broken in. So for me to buy a pair at J. Crew Factory was a bit of a surprise. But you know that feeling, when you put on jeans that feel like a glove? That is how I felt with these. With discounts, these matchsticks cost $40 but I have no regrets. Coincidentally, the last pair of jeans I bought in a (non-thrift) store was a pair of Madewell "rail straight" jeans and I have worn them at least 6 times already.
While at the factory, I bought the chambray dotted "capri" pants. These were surprisingly loose so I sized down from my tried and true regular "capri size." I'm fairly certain I have not lost weight so I think it was the material that caused it to be loose. I felt that if I bought my normal size, I would have sagging in the rear after an hour of wear. I hate that!

Have you done any shopping this holiday weekend? Have you been to the Factory 50-off storewide sale?

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