Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kate Spade "Friends and Family" weekend

I'm a bit behind with those post, but better late than never! 

I took advantage of the Kate Spade 25% off sale last weekend. I only bought one item from the website, these turquoise square stud earrings. Truthfully, I have Kate Spade stud earrings in every color and while that may seem over the top, I get mileage out of all of them. I think it is a quick and easy way to infuse color into an outfit and all the colors I own match my clothing.
While I was in Kate Spade "mode" I noticed this purple "Rock the Casbah" bangle at TJ Maxx (which has had quite a KS collection lately) for just $30, I grabbed it. There was a pink version of the bangle, which read "Arm Candy" on the Kate Spade website for $44, which at the time was eligible for an extra 25 percent off. However I liked the purple one I bought better, so I was happy with the find.

I had an opportunity to visit the outlets over the weekend as well, so that is where I bought most of my purchases. I found this coated canvas pouch, which about $32 after discounts. They had a neon pink and a green version, and although I wanted both, I opted for the green for versatility. I also found these two iPhone cases. I've been buying up iPhone cases lately because iPhone 4 cases are harder to come by now that the "5" is out. Also, when I see an iPhone 4 case I like, it is is usually on sale.

Did you buy any Kate Spade items last weekend?


  1. I just got my studs in the mail today! I picked the light pink ones, but they look more like clear, you can't even really tell they are pink at all. I might exchange them, these turquoise ones are gorgeous! I didn't even notice that color before they might not have had them on the site, I ordered from Piperlime. Which studs are your favorite color? I was thinking about getting the white ones too. Thanks! <3 Kirstie

  2. I wasn't thrilled with the pink ones myself (which I ordered prior to this post) BUT I have worn them as a great neutral for an otherwise "exciting" outfit. The turquoise are gorgeous but the THREE colored studs I have the most "mileage" from are my yellow and green gumdrops and my red holiday square studs.