Wednesday, April 24, 2013

J. Crew Factory Madness (pt. 1)

I have been so into J. Crew Factory lately -- much more so than J. Crew. My budget dictates my shopping addiction and although I shop more than I should, I do keep reality (loosely) in check. Given that, the Crewlet as it is called has been meeting my needs. Here is Part I of what I have purchased lately.

The striped skirt is a perfect match to my Gondola striped shirt (purchased on the sale rack of J. Crew last summer). I thought it could make a nice dress with a belt, as could my Heartthrob blouse and skirt. I'm excited to wear it come summertime with a white tee or tank top. While both of those prints share a color palette, I feel the Gondola skirt has the nautical feel, while the Heartthrob print is pure cutesy fun!

I also bought the colorblock striped neon tee. I will admit that I bought the J. Crew version in neon pink last year, but that I get so much use out of it that I couldn't pass it up at $14.

I made my way into J. Crew (to pay a bill - but we all know how that can go), and I saw the dot boy shirt on clearance. I like it because it is a non-chambray blue shirt. I have nothing against chambray -- rather, I own too much of it. This was a nice alternative. And who doesn't love polka dots? The price was right, the size was right.... it was meant to be!

Have you purchased from the Factory lately? Any comments? Stay tuned for a "part 2" coming soon!

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