Saturday, April 27, 2013

J. Crew Factory Madness (pt. 2)

This post is a continuation of my recent purchases at the 'Crewlet' (a.k.a J. Crew Factory). I have been shopping a lot more than usual at the factory in 2013 because I am seeing a lot of reissues and versions of items that I missed out on at J. Crew in the past.

One item I bought was the Factory's version of the Blythe blouse in purple. I thought this was a pretty blouse when it was new in store so to find it in my size on the sale rack was exciting. Total price after discounts came to under $30.

I couldn't resist this sequin heart tee. My concern was that it might be a little too cutesy or 'young' for me personally to wear, but I've see other bloggers pull it off well. The price was just right too, only $18.  I also picked up this 'overbloom' floral graphic tee for about $9. I think the tee will look great with shorts and skirts.

I decided upon walking past the jewelry section that I absolutely needed the Venus fly trap crystal necklace. With discounts the price came to $34, though I would have purchased it for less during this weekend's 50-off the store promotion. That of course, assumes it would still be available. When I purchased mine, there were three left. I also picked up mint bubble earrings (no photo available).

I was excited to see the Lobster Charley sweater on the sale rack. I didn't love it when it first came out, but on sale it came to less than $20 so I bought it.

Speaking of Charley sweaters... yesterday, I caved in and bought another one  (Charley is the Factory's version of Tippi). The one I bought is a neon persimmon color. Honestly I am not sure if I will keep it because I feel I have a lot of items in this color already and honestly, too many spring sweaters. But it was cute enough to come home with me, even if it's only a temporary visit!

Have any of you bought these items? Are you checking out the Factory's 50-off the store promotion this weekend?


  1. There are three in my area but one hour away each so I rarely go and order online instead. I want that crystal necklace you got and flower fringe necklace that's online but will probably see if they have another 50% off sale Memorial Day weekend. I wish they had the sale online like Loft does!

  2. Yeah, I agree that the inconsistency of online and in-store sales can be annoying and frustrating.

    I'm sure there will be a Memorial Day sale!

    Thanks for your comment, and good luck getting the the jewelry you are looking for!