Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday weekend

I didn't plan to go shopping this Black Friday weekend (honest!) but the hubby talked me (and actually bribed me) into it. For any avid readers out there, I finally bought a ton of Christmas decorations... at Pottery Barn (LOL ... where else?) 

But while getting some home decor, I scored these items @ GAP. These particular items have been sold out of stores and online for a few weeks now, but they magically popped back in at the right time and I scooped them up. I've been looking all over for both of them!

Yes, I know I already have a "cozy scarf" from GAP, but I fell in love with this colorblock one and I think I will get use out of both. The cord leggings.... well I already bought every other color and I've been living in them since Thursday. I am confident that I will get enough use out of them for the winter. Besides, this aubergine color is clearly the BEST of the cord leggings colors offered.

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