Saturday, January 19, 2013

A "real" sale is more than 40 percent off

I'm definitely a sale shopper. I just can't bring myself to pay full price for anything because of the pricing games that the stores want us to play. Given that, I know that most retail stores -- if you wait -- will offer 40 percent off sales at some point in the season. But to be honest, it was going to take more than 40 percent to break me out of my self-imposed shopping moratorium this month. January is when those post-holiday bills come, coupled with a paycheck deduction (thanks fiscal cliff!).

With all this in mind, I had to visit the mall this weekend. LOFT is offering 60-percent off sale items and J. Crew is offering 50-percent off sale items. I had to bite because I know this is only offered once a year.

At LOFT I finally purchased the "jacquard jacket" in gray leopard print. $26 -- score! I wanted this for weeks but kept holding out. I almost held out too long because at 60-percent off, there were very few left. Luckily the second LOFT I visited today had my size, apparently Small Petite.  Small was WAY too big which was surprising and unusual. I also scored the "boiled wool" sequin skirt which I saw on Mix and Match fashion. Cost -- $20! Lastly, although I was on the fence about it, I also bought the "super skinny" leopard velvet pants. For $12, it was an easy decision.

I passed by J. Crew where I was surprised to learn the sale was 50 percent off. Usually, J. Crew offers an extra 25 or 30, so an extra 40 is a great deal. An extra 50 is unbelievable. And they honor additional discounts for students, teachers, and members of the military. With that in mind, it was a no-brainer to purchase the wool plaid scarf I saw on Colorful Corporate and it only cost $15. I also spied a pair of Cafe Capri pants in my size in modern red (aka orange) which I was able to buy for $12! Overall, it was a great day to shop sales!


  1. Great deals! You will love the plaid scarf...I've already worn mine a lot! :)

    1. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to "debuting" it soon --- it's cold here in Jersey!